Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


13. chapter 8

Luke's POV (OMG is this just a thing now?!?! just two people in the story?!?)

Summer looks so beautiful I don't care what anyone thinks. I mean even having a face that is clearly judging Ashton is adorable, Correction gorgeous.... And her laugh is amazing, it makes me just feel happy inside. "Hey Summer want some pancakes?" Michael asked as he put pancakes down on the table... ""They were premade at IHop or something but they are still amazing!" she smiled, I guess she likes pancakes. "Of course, a pancake is a pancake and pancakes are amazing!" She sad sitting down next to Michael, I of course sat right next to her. "She's a keeper Luke!" Calum said shoving pancake into his mouth. Summer laughed a bit, I smiled because her laugh just makes me fell warm inside and happy and stuff. "Well Calum that's because I'm amazing!" Summer said grabbing some pancakes off the plate and I did that after her. All the boys laughed at her comment, "So Luke are we allowed to get to know her?" Michael said as him and summer laughed,  "Yes you are!" I replied eating some of my pancakes, these things are delicious! "Ok what is your fave band?" Ashton asked grabbing more pancakes even though he already had like three. "Of course 5sos! I mean you guys are amazballs!" Summer said as the boys giggled, like seriously giggled. "Ok so lukey here is with a fan!" Calum sad with a smirk...."Yup your guy's biggest! just don't look at my twitter or I will personally stab you in the neck with a drum stick..." she said with a glowing smile and he boys started full on laughing their asses off, they're so giggly in the morning. "You know I still remember your username..." I said with an evil smile as I jumped up to run to my phone. "Get back here Lucifer!" I heard summer said as I ran into my room swiping up my phone from the charger. I went on twitter and looked up her username @lukehemmings7564 and it was a total fan girl account and I burst out laughing. "LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS!" she was at the door frame, her phone went off, "hey you followed me" she said all calmly and I started laughing my ass off "What?" "you were just yelling and then you were all calm like murderer to school girl!" she gave me an evil smile, uh oh, "you know school girls can be murders tooo" she said looking like was truthfully gonna murder me. "GUYS FOLLOW @lukehemmings7564! EVERYONE D IT EVEN THE BAND ACCOUNT!" she gave me an even more evil glare and full on tackeled me to the floor, this is the perfect girl for me...


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