Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


8. chapter 7

Summer's POV

We walked back inside, I mean he is right, I shouldn't walk alone at night ;). We sat back on his couch... "So what do you want to do?"  I asked, but out of nowhere (not really) luke slammed his lips against mine. This time he didn't pull away, that's fine by me. I started to actually deepen the kiss, this is more than just making out with a celebrity, I feel like I've known him for a long time... don't call me just a typical fucking fangirl because I know you are! But back to what's actually happening... I don remember when but now we were laying down and luke was on top of me... I day dream to much STOP IT SUMMER! but we were now French kissing, what like you wouldn't be? DONT JUDGE ME!

*so it doesn't get awkward to write or read lets shorten it (for once) but they moved it to the bedroom (Ooooo) and more clothes ended up on the floor... so ya know yeah*

Summers POV

I woke up and I realized I was in Luke's room.... oh my gosh. I was all snuggled up next to Luke and he just now woke up. " Well hello Summer...." he said slowly opening up his eyes, I had a baggy t shirt on hat probably looks like a dress on me and I could tell luke was wearing some sweat pants... "good morning..." I said sleepily and he pecked me on the lips and I layed my head onto his chest and closed my eyes, not falling asleep though. "Luke get your ass u- oh um nevermind..." one of he 5sos boys said opening the door and then closing it. I lookedup at luke and we laughed a bit. I could here some whispering behind hi poster covered door, "dude luke has a girl in there, and she is actually attractive!" the two out there laughed. I got up out of his bed and he sat up and stretched, my dress and everything else was on the floor... oopsies! I walked over to the door and opened it, Michael and Calum practically fell in through the door way "oh uh hi were-" I stopped them I know who they are, "yeah Michael and Calum, you play guitar and bass in 5sos, trust me I know... now if you would leave the doorway so I can at lest get dressed without knowing there is two idiots leaning up against the door, I already have luke..." I pointed to luke who was holding back some laughs, "ok then..." Michael sad as they walked away. I closed the door and Luke literally fell off the bed laughing. "that was perfect Summer!" (a/n- I just realized her name is summer and this is a 5 seconds of summer fanfic... good nam choice...) I walked over to him and kissed him, " I need clothes...." he smirked, guess he isn't as awkward... well we did just have sex... " you look good in that!" he said and I giggled, "oh so the others can check me out?" He quickly hopped up... "i think I have a pair of sweats that is to small on me... he threw me a pair of black sweats ad I put them on, they were a bit big but I can walk without the falling so yeah their fine. "there now you are covered!" he said and we walked out of the room. "Where is my phone... oh there it is..." i walked over to the coffee table where it was and my phone was blown up with messages, lucy and max put me in a group chat. it was already 11:38... wow.

L-Hey sre you guys up?

M- Where are you guys?

L- i am at the house... i left the club early... What about you?

M-.... wellllll

L- ooooo max hooked up!!!! Summer why aren't yu replying?

M- answerrrrrr

L-what if she was killed?

M- I would laugh


M- i bet she is sleeping

since they were still talking might as well answer!

S- You'll never guess what happened!

L- finally you answer! i thought u died!!

M- soooo who'd you sleep with.. I KNOW YOU DID SO DONT FUCKING LIE

S- Luke




L- prove it! send me a picture with him!

"hey luk my friends are being idiots and don't think i met you! take a picture with me!" him and Michael laughed. He grabbed my phone, kissed me on the lips and took a picture!

S- *the photo*


M- ok im serious when i say i would go gay for that dude

i started laughing my ass off and luke gave me a confused look, "read this message!" i said in between laughs, i handed him the phone and he started laughing as he read it.

L- OMG i ship it so hard whats the ship name?

M- Lummer


M- hey what do you have?

L- nothing so fine its lummer...

S- ok ill cya later im hanging with luke


i shut off my phone and walked into the kitchen where i almost got hit in the face with a flying egg, " sorry oh who are you?" oh yeaah ashton hasn't met me,"she's summer and i found her with Luke in bed!" Michael said and all of us laughed. luke wrapped his arm around me and i snuggled into his shoulder, this will be a good day :)

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