Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


7. chapter 6

Summer's POV

Oh My God.... Luke Hemmings is kissing me. He pulled away , "uh sorry I um your just a really pretty I guess uh um you can uh sit on the couch..." his face got a little bit red but he walked into the kitchen ad I walked over to the couch. I sat on the couch and smoothed out my dress... trying to take in what all just happened. Luke Hemming's just kissed me and I am sitting on his couch, and he actually invited me in, I didn't break in. Truthfully I expected me doing something like that (not alone because then I won't be the only one to blame... duh) but in my head I am seriously freaking out! "Hey Summer want a beer or something?!" Luke shouted from the kitchen, "Yeah!" I said... and Luke just offered me a drink, I seriously am sure I am legit dead... I will walk out the door and fall through some fucking clouds... because I'm in heaven... duhhhh.Luke walked in and set two drinks on the coffee table and sat next to me on the couch. " Sorry about ya know that kiss just felt like I needed tooo.." I laughed a bit, "Its fine, like seriously im am so fine with it! im gonna shut up now." I said giggling a bit more. he was just looking at me smiling, "whatchu looking at?" I said in a weird accent. " You and by the way you are adorable when you laugh." he said taking a sip of his beer, setting it back onto he table after, "I'm not adorable im a mother fucking goddess!" I said and we laughed for like I think two minutes... I don't know but I feel so safe with him... kinda like I did with max... but more than a friend I guess. "Well your gorgeous enough to be one.." he said and I blushed even more.... "So tell me about your self summer, if your a fan you probably know everything about me...." he laughed a bt and I smiled, " ok what do you want to know hemmo1996?" he giggled at the way I called him by his old youtube channel name. " hmmm when is your birthday?" " its actually today... and meeting you is the best gift ever!" I blushed thinking about the kiss we shared earlier, "oh wow happy birthday! its a pleasure to be with the birthday girl." he leaned in a kissed me on the cheek and I loved the feeling of his soft lips and the cold lip ring on my skin. "Ok next thing... who was the guy you were with?" I smirked, "is lukey jealous?" he blushed a bit, he is so cute! " what? no im not now who is heeee?" he was pouting like a little kid. "ok child! hi name is max and he is my best friend and don't worry he is clearly not interested and im not interested." he let out a sigh of relief.

*for the next like two hours they talked about their lives and laughed at a ton of cheesy joke together. TOGETHER omg!!!!*

"I should get going..." I said, he put on a pouty face as I got up and walked towards my shoes. "you know I nevr gt you number..." Luke said handing me his phone... I put lilac head as my name since that's what he kept calling me and I entered my phone. as I walked out the door smiling as I passed through the walkway (you know why!) and I knew luke was walking with me... the air outside was chilly "summer wait..." luke said I turned around and he kissed me, " I don't think you be walking alone outside..." he smiled and I pecked him on the lips, "i guess I could stay a bit longer..."

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