Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


6. chapter 5


Summer's POV

"Well hello Luke Hemmings." I said, I can't believe luke hemmings just helped me! I mean yeah I was kinda getting harassed but LUKE FUCKING HEMMINGS just helped me. "You have pretty eyes... shit did I say that out loud?" he said looking kinda awkward.  I blushed a bit and I never blush... EVER. "uh thanks you too, hey do you wanna ditch this place?" he nodded quickly and as he grabbed my hand to get through the club I felt butterflies, like I was on top of the world! we walked through the crowds of people and I saw max, he was dancing with a few girls...  also saw lucy who had her face glued to some dude in the corner. as we finally approached the exit I felt a rush of cold air hit me... it sent shivers through my skin causing some goosebumps... I knew I should have grabbed a jacket. "Oh uh you can I have my jacket if your cold!" luke said as he wrapped his warm leather jacket over my shoulders and he even kinda hugged me... wow this is a dream come true! "uh wanna head to my place? There's no cameras and we can just talk and ya know get to know each other..." did luke just invite me to his house? oh my god! oh yeah I have to answer.. "of course" "we can just walk, my house isn't that far... I share a house with the boys but they are all at the club still... " he said smiling to himself. Luke is just flat out perfect. his awkward yet bold personality, his amazing smile that makes you melt every time you see it. just everything about him. "So I actually didn't get you name... in my head I just called you lilac... because that's your hair color..." I smile and laughed bit... I actually forgot to tell him my name. "well my name is summer, summer stevens." he looked at me like he just saw a beautiful thing, that made me feel really good, like wow. "That's a gorgeous name! it suits you perfectly, having your hair like a flower and your eyes are green so its kinda like grass... gosh I need to stop talking." I blushed AGAIN gosh Luke you just give me feels. "no your totally fine, I mean I'm not very popular with the boys, but I have had my air share of boy friends... but who hasn't?" he chuckled, "So what's your favorite band?" I'm pretty sure he knows this but, "uh well 5 seconds of summer..." he smiled at me and noticed I was cold so he actually wrapped his arm around my shoulder, puling me in closer. "So you are a fan?" I mentally laughed at that, I mean I'm probably their biggest fan.... oh shit hopefully he hasn't seen my twitter account... "yeah I'm probably your biggest fan like I really hope you haven't stalked my twitter page at all," He looked at me and smiled, "you would probably be creeped out and think I'm just another stupid fan girl who is walking with you right now for the fame and stuff, but trust me I have 1k twitter followers I'm famous enough." he was still smiling at me, "I feel like when I saw you I had a suspicion you were a fan but not like the crazy ones or you would've traveled to every single club looking for at least one of us and by the way what is your twitter?" my face went a little red and I prepared my self for telling him... and I was blushing from what he just said. "well uh I'm @lukehemmings7564 I'm just a bit obsessed but don't worry im actually here to talk not just fuck you and fucking post it and ruin your career." shit why the fuck did I say that? im so stupid sometimes... but he was actually smiling and laughing a bit. " well that's good because we are at my house and I didn't want to ask really so thanks for answering!" we walked up to his door and he unlocked the door and we stepped in. I took off my heals since they are annoying, he took his coat off me and hung it up on a hook. before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.

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