Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


52. Chapter 40

Guyzzzz The next chapter is the wedding! Yes Yes I kno you will the me! But that means the amazingly awesome SECOND book is coming out! I have so many plans for it! Just wait til the last book :) it I all going to be amazing. Ok so for this chapter I am going to fill you in on the two months or so up to the wedding!


Summer and Luke: So in these months Luke has done a ton of fan meet ups! Also he some how managed to make a girls wish come true and go to her senior prom with her... Summer was the one who forced luke to go so stop freaking out GOSH. And so much has happened to Summer. Ok s she met all of the all time low members, good charolette and Green day. She actually finished her EP and it is scheduled to com out on August 1 a little bit after the wedding! She has also been on talk shows... alone,one with Alex and Jack from all time low, two with jus Luke, and one with all o the boys.

Everyone else: Calum and Lacey sadly broke up.... (Btw that means I need a girl for the next book for him :D) Ashton and Lucy are still of course engaged... And lucy got a job as a model... For Aeropostal. Ariel and Michael are still just Boyfriend and Girlfriend... but Michael has some secrets up his flannel sleeves... Ariel hit 4 million subscribers on her gaming channel and she has been forcing Michael to be in her vlogs on her vlogging channel that has over 6 million subscribers.

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