Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


5. chapter 4

~~ It was fucking crazy! I mean every thing was dark but neon lights of purple, blue, green, and pink were flashing from the ceiling and a few spots on the floor. "Wooow!" I said and Lucy and maxed laughed. "I'm gonna go dance!" Lucy yelled as we waved and she got engulfed in the sea of sweating bodies grinding and dancing. I looked around once more to verify where everything is, the bar had a blue glow emitted from it and a hallway of stairs leading upstairs that had neon purple lights going up the sides. "Wanna go to the bar?" Max yelled into my ear but I could barely hear it over the loud blasting music. "Yeah!" I smiled and be grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd... I felt safe with max, I know that he won't let anyone hurt me... I'm kinda glad he had my hand in his grip because there is a lot of creepy old dudes checking me out, like I expected. He finally arrived at the bar and sat in the stools as max ordered two beers. "Ahhh so this is what a club is like?" I asked admiring the glory of this. I could really get used to this 😊. Max laughed at my comment, "yeah I mean I haven't been to a lot of them and this is probably the best!" He said as the bar tender set two beers in front of us, I grabbed mine and took a sip. "So what are we even supposed to do?" I asked laughing a little... "Wellll I dunno we could just sit here I guess..." He said shrugging and taking a gulp of his beer. "Ok!" I said and we just started talking....

 Luke's POV (wtf again? Ima call my manager! 😂)

As we walked into the club a few girls already started checking me and Michael out, he tried to escape but I succeeded and he didn't. I laughed a little as I awkwardly danced my way through the crowd, "weirdo..." Someone mumbled as I passed by them. I laughed a little cause I really didn't care! I just really needed a beer! "What would it be dude?" The bartender asked me as I sat down and he was drying a glass, "just a beer please..." As he walked to where he could get one he mumbled, "popular tonight...." I looked around, the only other people at the bar where two people, a girl and boy, sitting at the other end laughing. The guy had almost the se haircut and style as me, but dark brown, could I pull off being a brunette? I laughed a bit as the bar tender set a beer in front of me and I took a sip. The girl on the other hand had long really curly lilac hair... But I can't see her face only the dudes. Ugh she is already with some one! Why care what her face looks like? But then the guy got up and waved walking away saying, "I'm gonna go dance! Maybe I'll catch some one eye!" The girl laughed and waved back making mocking kissy faces. Should I go talk to her? I mean she is a girl sitting alone just drinking a beer... And clearly the guy is just her friend. I think I will. As I got off the stool a older man (much older must I add) walked up to her... It appeared he was really drunk. I could barely hear the convo but I sat down about one stool away from her just to make sure nothing goes wrong. "Hey baabyy" he said and it was kinda slurred and hard to hear. "Uh hi um I'm not interested..." She responded with... I don't think I'll look, don't want to be stalkerish. "Are you suureee? Who comes to a club to just dance and drinkkk?" He said, what a douche! I could already tell there might be trouble... "I do now please leave anyways I'm here with someone so leave or I will personally kick your ass myself!" She responded with, I could already tell I kinda like her personality. Don't get ahead of yourself Luke... She probably won't be interested... "With who I don't see anyone?!" He said a bit louder than I liked so I got up and walked up next to her, "with me now leave!" He scoffed and rolled his eyes leaving, good he left! "Uh hi..." I said and she looked up (she was sitting down) and smirked, wtf? "Well hello Luke Hemmings"


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