Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


48. Chapter 38

Summer's POV

I woke up and I was still on the airplane. I yawned and the flight attendant smiled, "Would you like anything to drink or eat?" She asked, I nodded while still yawning, "Yeah! Sorry about my yawning. But could I get a Pepsi?" She smiled grabbing the soda, "Of course and your fine about the yawning." She smiled after I thanked her and she continued walking down the row. I noticed the man who used to be sitting next to me has now moved to the other side of the row... I guess I am annoying when I sleep. I FEEL THE LOVE! What the fuck? I must be really tired. I took a sipof my drink and proceeded on to find my laptop and my phone+headpones. I set up my laptop and pulled up my emails. I had one from my manager saying I had a song writing session with the actual Alex Fucking Gaskarth from All Time Low on Friday... I think it is Tuesday so only four days away! I smiled putting away my laptop and grabbing my book, (The Eye of Minds by James Dashner, quite amazing) and I turned my music up louder, listening to Wherever you are by 5sos of course... I really miss Luke.

*skip the rest of the flight*

I dragged my carryon behnd me as I walked into the surprisingly busy airport. I think it is around Spring Break time... so people are just going crazy. I walked lazily to the baggage claim to get m annoyingly heavy suitcase that was not appearing anywhere. I was waiting for like half an hour until I heard a voice behind me, "Looking for this?" I turned around to see Luke holding my suitcase. I squealed, he dropped my suitcase and hugged me. I pulled away and kissed him. "What are you doing here?" I asked kissing him once more before he could answer. "We finished up early so I wanted to surprise you!" He said and I kissed him again, "Now let's go! I have been dying to see the apartment!" he said and I smiled, "Lacey, your mom, and I spent a whole lot of time on it!"

*they get to the apartment*

Luke's POV

Summer put her hand over my eyes.... opened the door and then led me inside... It was fucking amazing. (Author note- Next chapter I will have pictures of what it looks like!!!) "Summer this is goddamn amazing!" I said pickng her up and spinning her around in OUR apartment. "I am glad you love it luke!" She said kissing me. "This place will be perfect for everything!" I said , "Just wait till we have house and I have to decorate that!" she said, I kissed her, "Hopefully I will be there to help!" I said.

A/n-Hey guys sorry for this filler chapter! ONLY A FEW CHAPTERS TILL SECOND BOOK GETS STARTED! Katie and I already have the outline for the last book! (Third) THIS WILL BE THE BEST SERIES EVER! Also a girl by the name of tia came up with names for future kids. Charlotte because Good Charlotte was a huge inspiration for them and Billie for Billie Joe from Greenday! So yeah *Laughs evilly* ok I will try to update soon



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