Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


47. Chapter 37

*day of interview* "Hey summer! We will be on air in An hour! I just wanted you to get here early just in case!" Scott as in Scott mills said. "Wow! That's fine! I just can't believe I am actually standing here!" He chuckled. "Ok well I have a game interveiw thing with Dan And Phil... Over there so you can just watch!" He said smiling. I am legit fangirling so much right now, "ok I am legit fanning Over them right now!" I said and Scott laughed. "I can get them to meet you if you want..." He said signaling for them to come over, "oh it's fine- uh oh hi!" I said as they both came over... "Boys we are on in 10 and she was about to explode if fangirlness so yeah!" Scott walked away laughing. "Uh hi again! I'm summer! Huge fan by the way!" I shook both of their hands, "I was about to introduce us but you're a fan so I'm guessing you already know us!" Dan said and I am trying so hard not to scream. "Haha yeah I'm actually like a huge fan!" They both laughed, "yeah you're Summer Stevens right?" Phil asked, "yup that's me!" He smiled, "that's awesome! I've seen some of your covers on YouTube!" I smiled. "Wow that's awesome!" We talked about youtube for a little longer and then they had their game thing... Which was innuendo bingo and it is starting off to be hilarious *summer sits through the rest* "Ok stay tuned guys! After a short break we have summer Stevens or soon to be hemmings up for an interveiw." Scott said putting on some advertisements and shaking Dan and phil hands, "so that's were I know you from! Your the soon to be hemmings  girl!" Dan said walking up to me. "Yup that's also me!" They both laughed. "Well hey I hope we see each other again! You should do youtube! You seem interesting!" Phil said, "yeah that would be cool! Thanks! It was awesome meeting you by the way!" I said, "same to you!" They said walking away. Now that was fucking awesome! I mean I feel so fucking lucky I came to london  the day they were here! I am only staying here for like two days.. Then back to song writing and wedding planning! I need luke to be back already... GAH! "Ok we are on in 5! Here you can sit here!"  (A/n- I'm putting this as if they were calling... If you wanna skip This you can! Sorry if it bugs you! Some people might want to read it �� enjoy) Scott- hey guys! I'm back with the one and only Summer Stevens!  Summer- hello people! Scott- so summer! I'm pretty sure the whole world knows about you soon being Summer Hemmings! Have you gotten any sort of hate for it? Summer- well actually I think a week ago... I was at a lunch  at Luke's house... And his ex girlfriend was here for some reason... Scott- aaaah this can't be good! Summer- well what was hilarious was that she hugged him and asked who I was and he had to explain who I was... It was quite entertaining! Scott- well guys summer has a sassy side I guess!! Summer- *laughs* Scott- so how was your meeting with Dan and Phil right before this? Summer- I was trying so hard not to just full on start jumping and squealing... Scott- well most girls would! But I mean I'm guessing you are pretty good at not freaking out.. How was actually how you and luke met? I have not been able to find an actual answer that probably isn't a rumor... Actually before you answer would you like to hear some of the rumors to see if any are true? Summer- that would be awesome! Scott- ok first one is probably ridiculous but 'one day summer Stevens was walking down the street when she was attacked by ninjas and luke hemmings came to the rescue and fought them off and she was saved... Then they fell in love! Summer- well put that in a more real situation and they might have had it! Scott- oh really!? Ok the others are even more ridiculous so why don't you just tell us. Summer- ok it was my 18 birthday so my bestfriends lucy and Max- Scott- sorry to interrupt you but the lucy that is now engaged to ashton? Also in 5sos?  Summer- yes that one *laughs a bit* ok well they took me clubbing! I was at the bar with Max.. But he decided to go and dance! And then this old creepy dude came up to me and started talking and not leaving... Scott- wow that's creepy ugh this world some times *laughs* Summer- *giggles* and so I told the man I was with some one, I was referring to max, and he kept saying 'I don't see anyone' so little did I know but luke stepped in and claimed I was with him... From then on history! Scott- wow! That's actually really cool!  Summer- yeah it was pretty awesome... And I'm surprised I didn't fall over fangirling! Scott- ok we have some caller questions so let's get to them! Summer- ok awesome! Scott- ok caller 1! State your question! Caller 1- hiya! I'm Melissa! Scott & summer- hey Melissa! Caller 1- ok my question is did you expect the proposal when he did it?  Summer- actually no! He is like amazing at hiding things... I didn't expect it till he got down on one knee!  Scott- k we have more callers!  Summer & Scott- bye Melissa! Caller 1- bye! Scott- ok your on caller 2 Caller 2- oh wow! I didn't think I would get here! Hi I'm dana! Summer- hey Dana what's your question? Caller 2- I actually wanted to ask about your music! I've seen you on YouTube and I know you got a record deal! Is there any music to be expected? Summer- wow a fan of me! Awesome! And actually I am in the process of creating an EP! It is going to be hard but it will be awesome! I promise! Caller 2- omg I'm so excited! That's awesome! Scott- ok great question! But sadly we have to move on!  Summer & Scott- bye! Scott- ok we are going to take a break from the callers! Oh wait we have a special caller that keeps calling! Your on Group callers- Hey! Summer- hi! Seems like you are more than one person! What's your names? Group call- well there is two of us!  Summer- *laughs* well who are you?  Group call- this is jack and alex from all time low! Summer- holy crap! Really? Scott- you two were annoying trying to come in for a call *laughs* ATL- sorry bout that Scott! We just wanted to have a question! Summer- that made no sense... That statement *laughs*  ATL- ok we each have a question and sorry alex is stupid! So now you know currently this is jack! Ok my question is.. Hmmm... Question! Summer- you are oh so organized! ATL (jack)- hey! Ok what color are you going  to dye your hair after purple? Scott- that is a total michael Clifford question! *chuckles* Summer- that is! And I'm thinking Neon green! ATL (jack)- awesome! I think alex should get that hair color Scott- now that would be interesting  ATL (alex)- Ok now my turn! I actually planned my question! Unlike this idiot! My question is... Drumroll... *jack pats something in the back round* would you be interested in doing a collaboration song with all time low? Summer- holy shit! Yes! Scott- wow! What a question!  *they go through rest of the interview* Scott- well guys! This was interesting!  I would love to have you here again summer! Hopefully next time we see you you'll have a number one hit and a last name of Hemmings!  Summer- Thanks for having me!  Scott wrapped up the interview. Wow! This was amazing! And now I have a flight to catch in five hours... Great! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) "summer I really appreciate you coming!" Scott said as I started getting up to leave. "No this was seriously my dream! Thank you for making it happen!" He smiled and shook my hand, "no problem! I hope you get to London again soon." I smiled, "I hope so to! Now I have got a plane to catch!" He nodded, "well you better go catch that!" I turned and walked out the door. 
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