Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


46. Chapter 36

*1 month later*

Summers POV

"Liz thank you so much for all the help you have been giving me!" I said as we finished up every single invite. Only close friends and family were coming so not much people were coming to the wedding. We already have a beautiful beach area reserved on July 26... Two months from now. "I love planning these things! Who needs a fancy wedding planner?" I laughed... We were browsing online for wedding dress shops in Sydney were we could go and you know get a dress. "Well when you have Liz you don't need a planner!" She smiled and laughed, "I'm tweeting that!" I started laughing, "Now I know where luke gets it from." She laughed. "Ooo! What about this shop! All the dresses I see are amazing!" Just then my phone started ringing... It was my manager Brendan, "gotta take this one sec Liz

Summer- hello?

Brendan- hey! Summer my main woman! How packed is your schedule?

Summer- why?

Brendan- Songwriting and recording! DUH! *laughs* yes we have one song but I have an idea!

Summer- one second.

"Hey Liz I'm going to step into my bedroom real quick to talk" she smiled and said ok so I walked into there.

Summer- ok I'm back

Brendan- ok I know you have your wedding in two months and your really busy but I was wondering if you wanted to record an ep?

Summer- OMG YES!

Brendan- *laughs* perfect! Matt and I are sorting out details... We want a cover of The Kids Aren't Alright... And three original songs!

Summer- sounds amazing! Let me check my planning schedule and I will call you about everything!

Brendan- Ok bye bye future super star!

Summer- Bye!

I hung up and walked out smiling and Liz looked happy to. "What are you so happy about?" She asked as I sat on the couch were we were working. "I am going to be recording an EP!" She squealed in excitement when I said that. "You and luke are seriously the perfect match! And I am so glad I got to see the start of both of your careers!" She got up and hugged me. And you are free in three days for two days.. So Thursday and Friday next week, and in two weeks from today... For three days, I will search up those exact dates right now!" She started browsing through her calendar to find the dates to give Brendan. She went searching through things for bout ten minutes... Writing things down and then she handed me a a sticky note with all the dates...


June 4

June 5

June 10

June 11

June 12

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 29

June 30

July 3

Wow more than I expected, "ok I'm going to email these to Brendan." Liz checked the time on her watch, "oh darn! Well sweety I have got to go! Remember tomorrow you can sleep in because I won't be here til 5 to start on browsing for dress shops!" I stood up and hugged her. "Thanks Liz! See you tomorrow!" She quickly left... Guess she had to be there. I walked into my bedroom and grabbed my laptop. I walked into the small dining area and set it up there. I opened up skype and clicked on Luke's contact... He immediately answered, he looked really tired, "hey baby girl!" I smiled. "Hey lukey, did I wake you? You look tired." He yawned, "don't worry babe whatcha want to talk about?" He asked and I smiled hugely, "I am making an EP!" His eyes lit up... "oh my gosh! This is amazing!" He said it loudly and I saw michael appear with a toothbrush in his mouth, "what's amazing? Oh hey summer? What's amazing?" I laughed, "I'm making an EP!" Michael started doing a happy dance... "Hey michael did you dye your hair?" I noticed he had blue hair instead of red now. "Yup I'm posting a selfie tomorrow!" I laughed, "the fans are going to fucking die! Especially the michael girls!" Luke said and all three of us laughed. "Hey summer!" I saw ariels head pop out from im guessing a top bunk of some sort. "Michael hurry your ass up! You have song writing with calum tomorrow!" Ariel said , luke and I just watching the funny argument, "only if you cuddle with me!" Michael said, "you won't get any of you don't hurry!" Michael quickly walked towards the bathroom I'm guessing a bathroom. "Ok summer so whatcha doing right now?" Luke asked, "emailing Brendan about dates in free for writing and recording. What you doin homeslice?" He laughed and I laughed as I kept my eyes glued to the screen as I typed my email. "I'm scrolling through Twitter... I'm tweeting about you. SMILE!" He screenshot the laptop as I flipped off the screen and he laughed. "This is why I love you!" He said as my phone went off from his tweet which was...

@Luke5SOS: *screenshot of sum* my soon to be wife hates me apparently 😂

"Wow what a wonderful tweet!" I said giggling, "I know right? I could be a fucking tweet writer!" I laughed at his stupid comment. "You are one dumbass!" He started laughing as o clicked the send button returning to my screen showing his face, "true that!" We continued on laughing. "Ok well our whole apartment is officially decorated and furnished." He cheered a bit, "that's awesome I can't wait to see it next month!" I groaned... "I wish it was less than one month! I miss you!" I said and he made a pouty face. "I wish I was there to help plan the wedding completely I feel really bad!" He said and I giggled, "don't worry your mom is helping me a lot! And Brendan is making sure not to pile anything on!" He smiled, "that's good... Oh yeah when is your BBC radio interview?" He questioned. I saw lucy and ashton talking and cuddling in the backround... "In two days... I'm god damn nervous!" He laughed a bit... "Don't worry you'll do amazingly!" I giggled, "well not just the interveiw I'm meeting some youtubers from London and they are like awesome! And I get to meet them... Because they have an interveiw before me! And GAH!" He laughed, "you fan girl about everything and everyone!" I laughed, "hey I used to fangirl about you guys but now I'm marrying one of you and I'm besties with the others!" He smiled but then he yawned... "I'm gonna have to let you go baby girl... I'm so fucking tired!" I giggled as he cuddled into a pillow he had with him. "Ok night night lukey!" He smiled, "night princess!"

A/n- 15 more chapters left of the book! GAHHH! And the youtubers is Dan and Phil... it's Katie writing these and I editing.. And she never shuts up bout them in my emails soooo I added them in 😆... LUV you guys!

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