Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


45. Chapter 35

Chapter 34

*the next day* Summers POV I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned, "what the fuck do you want world?" I said as I sat up turning my phone alarm clock off. "Finally you damn dreaded thing..." I said to the lifeless phone. I grabbed my glasses and put them on and the room finely focused. 'Luke was right about how it would take some getting used to' I thought to myself as i stretched and yawned. My hair was in a messy bun probably needing some assistance in looking good. A smile spread across my face as I realized today is the day that I have my interview. Michael and I spent a whole three hours just recording it and a night filled with energy drinks and yawns of editing it. "One night yeah one more time..." I sang as I turned on my music and listened to the legend that is Fall Out Boy. I managed to get out of my warm bed... Even though it's better when Luke is here... But I managed to walk over to the kitchen. "Give me Coffeeee!" I sang to the tune of therapy that was now playing through my pathetic phone speakers. I laughed at my stupid lyric change. "Ugh I miss you so much.." I said looking at a photo of luke that was on a shelf in the box filled living area. Yeah yeah I know it's been only a day but... Hey love is love and missing is missing and I have now successfully confused myself. I walked into y bathroom with my coffee after I finished my bagel. Ugh if I want to brush my teeth I have to finish my coffee. I quickly chugged my coffee and did my usual morning stuff, face washing, teeth and hair brushing, hair curling and makeup applying... Holy crap a lot... But I have my interview. My phone buzzed as I walked over to the closet. It was Luke texting me... L- morning beautiful S- morning lukey L- are you nervous for the interveiw? S- a little but I look really hot so that's good 😆 L- the interviewer better not hit on you... S- jealous much? L- WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! 😂 S- how is lucy and ariel? L- sleeping... Well ariel and Michael would not stop playing video games last night... ANNOYING AS FUCK L- lucy and ashton were all lovey dovey and its annoying S- 😆 we are always like that though! L- yeah... But that makes me miss you!!! S- I miss you to! 😣 but I have to finish getting ready for the interveiw... Love you luke! L- I love you to summer! Good luck baby girl... We are all cheering you on! I smiled and put my phone on one of our night stands... It's nice having a place to call ours... I smiled turning on my music, (good charlotte album) and walked to my closet... I need to look my best. I tried on a few outfits till I found a perfect one... That showed me. I was wearing some black high waisted shorts, a neon blue t shirt that I pulled the shorts over, black combat boots, and a leather jacket to top it all off. I looked in the mirror and posed at different angles to make sure I looked good. I looked at the time. "Shit!" My interview is in half an hour and it's 20 mins away and I have to sign in and SHIT. I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys and ran out the door. I hopped in the car and started... "FUCK!" I shouted realizing I didn't have the fucking cd. I stopped the car and ran the bout twenty feet from the parking lot to grab my cd. When I got to the door i scrambled with my keys to open and let a stream of cuss words flow out of my mouth... Not realizing a mother and her like 7 yr old child was passing behind me. Finally I got to the right key and opened the door. I ran into my room grabbed the cd and other things I needed. And ran back to my car, almost falling, but I made it and I drove to the interveiw people, I sighed in relief, "holy shit... Why can't luke be here?" I asked myself... Probably looking stupid to the other drivers. Finally after what felt like forever I saw the Capitol records building. And on the side was a 5sos billboard, "thanks for reminding me assholes!" I laughed to myself as I parked. I parked, took a deep breath and stepped out into the parking lot that held the building that determines my future in music... "We can do this..." I whispered walking with a strut in my step towards those doors. *go into future hours! Yay!!!* "ThankYou thankyou thankyou!" I shouted as I shook hands with mike... The producer. "I seriously think you have an amazing talent!" He said as I smiled, "that track of The Kids Aren't Alright was bloody amazing! Keep that up and you'll go far!" I smiled and it grew... "I am so glad to be the producer of you! And you already should have a boost from your fiancé" I smiled even bigger because I know he was true... "Also you were the one on the electric in the track right?" I nodded. "Ok and tell me again who was on the acoustic?" He asked, I quickly replied, "Michael Clifford..." He smirked, "that's who I thought..." He said. "Ok well I am defiantly going to call you when we want to get your song writing in. I can tell by that sound track you gave me on what type of music you like so I will arrange with some writers." My mind legit blew up... "Like uh who and stuff?" Wow that was the stupidest sentence I have ever fucking uttered. "you know people like, Patrick stump, alex gaskarth, John Feldman, and some bands like good charlotte, sum 41, blink-" I interrupted him.. "Oh my fucking God... How the hell do you say this with out freaking out?" I asked and be laughed, "ok well I have an appointment with a person who thinks they can be the next big rapper  comic in 5 minutes... So I will make sure to contact these people... A lot are actually writing with the boys soon, but yeah I have to deal with the next person!" He said laughing, "again thankyou so much!" I said as we both got up, "no thankyou for signing with us." We shook hands and I left and as soon as I got in my car I called luke. Luke- hey baby... Whatcha calling about? Summer- is michael with you? Luke- yeah! Why? Summer- put your phone on speaker! Luke- michael! Come over here! Summer has news! Idk what! Michael- yo homeslice! Luke- nerd! Michael- SHUTUP POOPFACE! Summer- girls girls your both pretty now SHUTUP  Michael & Luke- finee Summer- I got it... Luke- what? Michael- OMFG HOLY SHIT YOU DID! LUKE SHE GOT THE RECORD DEAL YOU FUCKING IDIOT! ashton (in the backround)- no fucking swearing Michael! *laugh from the girls* Luke- OH MY GOD! ASHTON! CALUM! EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING WORLD! SUMMER GOT THE RECORD DEAL! I just kinda day their laughing my ass off. I put my blue tooth headset on and connected my phone to it. I put the phone down and started driving and listening to the hilarious reactions.. Michael- summer this is amazing!  Random dude in room with- what are you guys freaking out about? Summer- who's that? Luke- one sec! Calum- Luke's fiancé summer... Got a record deal with Capitol!  Random dude- she should've gone with hopeless records! Ashton- NO CAPITOL IS BETTER' Summer- ok who is the random dude dissing my new record label?!  I could hear the phone be stolen. Luke- hey give it back!  I heard luke laugh.. Who the hell roomy he phone  Random dude- why hello! You should go for hopeless records DUH! Summer- who even are you? (I laughed a bit) Random dude- well I'm alex- Summer- GASKARTH? Alex- yup now congrats on the deal! You should still go for hopeless though Summer- you don't understand the total fangirling going on in my head right now! Alex- LUKE YOU CHOSE A GOOD GIRL! SHE LIKES MY BAND! I heard the boys all laugh. It made me smile... Ugh I wish I was there. Luke- now let me talk to her! I heard some laughs from the stealer of the phone but I am pretty sure luke stole it back Luke- hey princess  Summer- yo homeslice Luke- *laughs* I swear you and Michael are siblings Summer- ok well I have to go baby... I have a hair dye appointment...  Luke- ok I miss you so much and I love you summer Summer- I love you to luke and I miss you so much it hurts Luke- bye baby girl! Summer- bye bye lukey! I hung up and took off my headset and walked into the hair place... "Hey I have a hair dye appointment for 3:00 o clock" the woman behind the desk smiled. "Oh yes Summer Stevens?" I nodded and smiled. She paged someone and a woman appeared. "Follow me please!" Going back to being lilac head! 
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