Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


44. Chapter 34@

Chapter 33

*the day 5sos leaves*

A/n- hey guys! Ok so for this chapter all of them are going to have POV... Just so you guys can catch up and get in the mood... 16 more chapters left 😏 Michaels POV "Ariel! Did you pack my tooth brush I can't find it!" I shouted shuffling through a drawer in my bathroom. "Yes darling I packed it up!" She giggled as she appeared at the door. "You need to get fully dressed before we leave..." I said chuckling, she was wearing and ATL muscle tank and underwear... So her pjs. "Ugh fine..." She giggled kissing me. "I'm so glad your coming with..." I said kissing her again. "I'm excited to see a whole different country..." She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again. "What about our new music?" She smiled, "that to but most of all excited to spend time with you..."  I smiled and kissed her again. "Now put some pants on... I don't need guys staring at my girlfriend!" She giggled and kissed me again. "Eh I would kick their asses!" She said, "but they would still have to look at your ass!" I said and she just kissed me again. "Fine I'll put on sweat pants... And we have to get to our flight in time, so let me put on pants and let's go!" She said walking out of the bathroom and putting on pants, "pants are so overrated!" She shouted as I laughed and she did to. "I totally agree you should not wear them more often!" I shouted walking to where she was, "In your wildest dreams clifford!" She said kissing me again. "You betcha!" She giggled and rolled her eyes kissing me again, "ok let's go!" She said grabbing her bags and I grabbed mine and we walked out the door to the taxi I called.  Calum's POV "Lacey I wish you could come..." I said as Lacey hugged me. "Cal I know... I have school though." I smiled, "see that's what I love about you... You always put your school first." She smiled and kissed me. I felt her smile in the kiss but you could taste the tears. "Lacey... Don't cry, I'll see you in 2 months, they will fly past quickly.. And I'll have you back in my arms." She smiled and hugged me tighter. "Ok well I'm still coming to the airport with you..." She kissed me again and I grabbed her hand as we headed out to her car, to go to the airport. Ashtons POV "Ashton! Wake up!" I opened my eyes  to see Lucy's gorgeous face. "Morning beautiful." I said and she leaned down and kissed me. "Listen our flight leaves in three hours! We packed last night but don't you want to look decent." I laughed. "What did I do without you Luce?" I giggled as I sat up. "I don't know and you better get used to it... Cause your the one deciding to marry me!" She laughed as started to wash her face. "Well I think I'll deal..." I said kissing her cheek grabbing my toothbrush. "I need a haircut..." I said as she started curling hair. "Well you should get one in Cali..." She said and I smiled thinking what to do about the mess on my head. "Ooo you should let me take you to Disney... It's amazing there!" She smiled but flinching as she accidentally burned herself. "I've always dreamed of going there!" She squealed. "Anything for my little princess!" She giggled, "nice play on words there Prince Charming." I laughed as I finally decided to get dressed and wear a beanie. "Your clothes are on the edge of the bed... The only thing you didn't pack!" She laughed. I got dressed, which happened to be black skinny jeans and an all time low shirt and black hoodie. "Where is my beanie?" I asked kissing her cheek as she finished up on her hair and makeup. "Your so distracting ashy!" She giggled. As she said that I kissed her lips and she smiled, "like I said... Distracting!" She walked towards another pile of clothes on the bed.  Summers POV "Lukey!" I said shaking him awake. "Morning summer!" He sat up and laughed, "I swear this apartment is going to take some getting used to!" He said laying back down. I kissed his neck and he smiled, "don't worry Lukey this place will be almost completely furnished and decorated by the time you get back..." He kissed me and sat up, "I feel bad you have to do it by yourself!" He groaned and stretched. "Don't worry! Lacey offered to help on the weekends... And your mom said she would help! " he smiled and got out of bed. "Awesome! Ugh now time for airport!" He said and I giggled. "We'll get your ass up and ready!" I shouted and he got up and walked to the bathroom.  I followed so I could get ready also. Luke and I brushed our teeth, and as I curled my hair, Luke started working on his. By the time I finished my hair and started on my makeup Luke was still messing with his hair, "gosh Luke if only the fans knew how much you spent on your hair... They would worship it even more..." I said applying my eyeliner as Luke laughed a bit. "I bet they would have fan pages for your hair!" I said as he messed with a few pieces that apparently felt rebellious today. "Oh trust me I think there is!" I laughed almost messing up on my mascara. "What color, peachy pink or bubblegum pink?" I asked looking at my lipstick choices, Luke chuckled. "That one..." He said pointing at the bubblegum pink, "good choice Lukey." He chuckled again. "You girls and pink lipstick..." He said finally finishing his hair, "you boys and your hair!" He chuckled and walked out of the bathroom to the closet and I applied my pink lip color. I smiled at successfully doing my makeup perfectly. I went to the closet myself and grabbed my clothes... Light blue high waisted shorts and a white fall out boy crop top. "Well you look hot today..." Luke said kissing my cheek. "I could say the same to you!" I mean yeah he was wearing his usual black skinny jeans... But he had his The Offspring shirt on and a navy blue hoodie. "Now let's get to the airport and meet the others..." I said hugging him. "I'm going to miss you summer..." He half whispered half said into my hair as he hugged me closer. "Don't worry luke... You'll be back in no time. Just have fun... But not to much." I said giggling at the last part. "Ok let's get going!" Luke said kissing me. "Yup we don't want you missing your flight." I giggled and we grabbed his bags and headed out the door to his car. 
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