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Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


43. Chapter 33

Luke's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. I groaned and summer did the same, "you better get that lukey." She said snuggling into her pillow I groaned again and shifted to reach my phone sitting on the night stand. I grabbed it and swiped to answer without checking who it is, "hello?" I said holding in yawn and rubbing my eyes.  Liz- Luke! Hi! Did I wake you?  Luke- oh Hi mom... Yeah you woke up summer to  I laughed as summer shouted hi.. Liz- hey my plane just landed and I am going home! I was wondering if you and summer would come over for lunch!  Luke- sure that would be awesome wait one sec. "Summer wanna go to my house for lunch?" She nodded still cuddled into the pillow. Luke- yeah we'll be there! What time?  Liz- how bout 1:00pm? Luke- ok! See ya then!  The line went dead and I groaned getting out of bed. "I don't want to wake up!" Summer whined. I ran to her side and picked her up out of the bed. She squealed and started laughing, making me start to laugh, "what's so funny?" She continued on laughing, "I squealed!" She said and then she just snuggled into my chest as I held her. "I could sleep like this to..." She said and I dramatically evilly laughed. "What are you planning lucifer?" She asked and I laughed at the name. "Uh nothing... Just this!" I threw her back on the bed and she just laughed as she layed there. "How dare you!" She said giggling. I plopped down next to her. "I swear we are more like kids than engaged adults!" She laughed as she said it. "DUH!" I said causing her to laugh more. "You are very giggly today!" I said and she snuggled into me. "I'm still tired." Summer said and I laughed. She kissed my chest and managed to sit up. "Ugh sunlight!" She said blocking her eyes from the sunlight. I sat up. "It should go die!" I said she laughed. We both got up. "Ok agenda for today!" Summer shouted walking over to her clothes, "we have to get Starbucks !" I laughed when she said that, "turn in our papers! And go to lunch! Then I have to talk to Michael  bout that interview ! And don't forget setup a hair appointment to dye my hair!" I walked over as she was slipping on some high waisted black shorts. "Sounds like a plan!" She real quick kissed me and slipped on a crop top that said N.Y.C. "You know we should visit New York City...." I said kissing her. "We should..." She kissed me a little more, "Now let's go to Starbucks !" She said and I chuckled. "Let's!" We managed to get through the hotel and got into my car. "I'm the son of rage and love! The Jesus of surbia!" Summer sang but interrupted here singing, "THE BIBLE OF ALL OF THE ABOVE!" She laughed," you are such a doof. " she said making me laugh. "I see the Starbucks !" I said turning into a drive threw. "I want a Carmel macchiato!" She said, "hello welcome to Starbucks  what would you like?" Summer was dancing in her seat so I was laughing as ordering. "Two grande Carmel macchiatos please!" The dude I think... Said to drive to the window and told me the price. We quickly got our drinks and we are off to the real estate office. "What song should I record with michael today?" She asked drinking her drink... "I remember one night when we were watching the stars in your backyard you were singing that one fall out boy song... I think it's called..." She smiled and interrupted me, "the kids aren't alright..." I smiled remembering the thoughts. "That's perfect! I will be playing the electric guitar part and I'll make michael play acoustic." She said as the real estate building came into view. "We are here!" I said parking the car. She smiled and grabbed the papers and we headed in. We had to tell the secetary why we were there... Then we found him. "Hey guys!" He said as we  sat down and he sat at his desk. "Hey man!" He smiled at my response. "Ok do you have the papers?" Summer nodded and handed him them. He quickly scanned through them and placed a box on the table and slid it across. I grabbed it and opened it. Three keys were sitting in it. "Enjoy your new home!" He said and summer and I hugged, "thank you!" Summer said. He smiled and waved and we left. "Ok it's 12:30... Let's head to my house!" I said and we jumped into my car. "Plus we have some stuff to grab from my room!" She smiled.  *they drive to Luke's* I parked out front and their was five cars instead of three like usual... Hmmm. "Let's go!" Summer said as we walked to my door and I just opened it, "I'm hereee!" I shouted, a girl ran around the corner and jumped into my arms, "your back lukey!" She kissed my cheek and summers eyes widened. "Lukey pookey I missed you!" I was finally able to see her face... Jenni my ex girl friend. Summer cleared her throat and jenni looked at her. "Um who are you?" Jenni asked and I was surprised... How does she not know. "Umm do you not keep up with Luke's band?" She asked and Jenni shook her head... Shit... "Why don't you let lukey tell you!" Summer said smirking at me and walking into the kitchen where my mom was. "Luke I missed you so much!" She said hugging me again... "I was actually thinking we could try everything again... " I rolled my eyes and laughed, "and who is that girl?" She asked and I laughed. "What?" I smiled, "listen. If you would actually pay attention to anything around you, you would know that is Summer and she is my fiancé." She looked stunned, "your engaged?" I laughed again. "Yes jenni now if you wouldn't mind I'm going to interact with my bride to be." She gave me the most evil look. I walked into the living room to see my family, my mom and summer talking bout something giggling.. And jenni of course and her bitch of a friend Tia. "Heyyyy luke!" Tia said as I sat next to summer. "Hey Tia..." I said as summer plopped into my lap, tia gave her a look of disgust, whispered something to Jenni and giggled. "So luke your actually getting married?" She said with a smirk, summer said something, "oh is Jenni getting jealous..." Everyone laughed except those two... Even my mom. "I guess that's a yes! Just stay away from like because he's mine! You can be besties but try anything else and I will personally kick your ass!" She said with a smile causing us to laugh more. "Listen here summer! Luke was mine first!" I rolled my eyes, "yeah well I love summer! Not you so try anything on me I dare you!" Jenni shot me and evil look, "mom why are they even here?" I asked, she shrugged, "Jenni said she wanted to welcome you home..." I laughed. "Well you to can leave! Summers my one and only..." I said to the two and they got up and left. Ben high fives me, "now that's how you stick up for your girl!" He said and we all laughed. "Ok we have a tight sched today so let's eat!" I said and we all headed to the back yard. My dad made burgers and mum set up a table with toppings and chips. "Thank god! I'm starving!" Summer said grabbing a bun and burger.  *they eat* "then the dog ended up tackling Luke" summer laughed at my dads story about me getting chased by a Great Dane... Yup. "Ok well we should get going!" Summer said... "Oh wait mum could I grab some stuff from my old room to bring to the apartment?" I asked as summer and I stood up. "Of course, sweety where are the boxes?" She asked my dad who shrugged, "oh I know don't worry!" I said as summer and I walked inside. "Ok where the boxes at?" She asked as I started towards the garage. "Over here!" We just grabbed one giant moving box... That's all we really needed... I'm not taking everything. We headed up stairs and just packed some of my simple stuff. Like my cds, records, guitar shit, and some pics and posters. Surprisingly it filled the whole box. "Ok let's go! I have got a hair appointment to plan and a michael to talk to!" Summer said as I lifted the surprisingly light box and we headed to the car. Summers pov I hopped into the passenger seat as luke loaded up the box. I pulled out my phone and started texting michael. S- hey Mikey! M- hey summer, when are you gonna come over?  S- soon Luke's loading up a box from his house  M- oh did you guys get that apartment you wanted? S- YES it's amazing  M- oh have you heard Ashtons plans? S- whatcha mean? M- I'll tell you when you get here! 😏 S- ok well we are like 5 minutes away so get ready to tell us! And all of the recording details. M- kk cya then S- k cya  I put down my phone as Luke finally hopped into the car. "Shoving boxes into trunks is hard!" He whined. I laughed, "well we know you'll never be a murderer!" I said causing him to laugh. "Or am I one all ready?" I laughed and he started laughing, "your laugh is contagious!" He said, then I remembered about the Aston thing... "OH HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT ASHTONS PLAN!" He looked at me confused, "what plan?" He asked chuckling, "I don't know I was wondering if you know, michael wouldn't tell me over text." He chuckled again. "Typical... But we are here so now you can ask him." He said as he parked in front of his lawn. I jumped out and ran towards the door. "IM HEREEE" I said, michael ran from his living room and picked me up over his shoulder, "Luke help!" I shouted giggling, luke was on the floor laughing. "Hahaha!" Michael laughed as he finally set me down on the couch. "Gosh michael you fucking scared me!" I said as Luke and Michael plopped down and laughed at me. "Hey hey hey! Now tell us Ashtons plan!" I said and michael smiled. "Ok so tonight lucy and him are going to dinner... HE IS GOING TO FUCKING PROPOSE!" Luke and I jumped up and cheered. "I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN SOON!" Luke said as we sat back down and giggled. "Ok now we got that out of the way! RECORDING STUDIO SHIT!" Michael said. "Ok we have the studio tomorrow for three hours... Do you have a song to record for the cd for the dude?" I smiled, "ok I think the kids aren't alright is a perfect song and I know the electric part for it..." I said and his eyes lit up, "ohhh Ithat would be perfect! I know the acoustic! And I could help with your backround vocals!" I giggled at his excitement... "Ok when is the interveiw anyways?" I smiled and he answered, "five days... So the day after we leave..." I smiled, "lukey looks sad why?" I asked resting my head on his chest when I noticed he looked upset, "I don't know... I don't want to leave for two months..." Michael also looked sad, "yeah I don't want to leave ariel either..." I smiled at michael but stated snuggled with luke. "Michael... Ariel keeps talking to Lacey, lucy, and I that she wishes you would ask her to go with..." He had a huge grin spreading across his face, "really?" I smiled, "of course! Why don't you just invite her over to play FIFA or COD and ask her then..." He smiled even bigger. "Yeah that's perfect!" He smiled, luke was hugging me, "hey we should get going..." He whispered and I nodded. " ok well michael we should get going! Pick me up tomorrow from the hotel!" He smiled as Luke and I got up and left.   A/n- yo homies! Hope you like this update! I tried making it longer! And if your confused Summer dropped out of uni 😊 and I (Katie not kat) have been writing these... KAT has been really busy.... So sorry if these aren't as good... HOPE YOU STILL LOVE IT! (Message from kat: THANKS FOR 200 FUCKING LIKES! I love you guys so much!) 
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