Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


42. chapter 32

Lukes POV

"So are you excited that we are moving in together?" I asked and she looked at me with a huge grin... The wind entering the windows made her hair flow perfect... And the sun setting caused her to glow like the goddess she claimed to be... "Of course! Just fucking imagine living together! It's amazing!" She said I reached my hand over and held hers... Using my other to drive of course. Her phone went off, "who ya texting?" I asked playfully, "Michael... He is freaking out because ariel beat him in cod..." I laughed along with her, "typical.." We said in unison. "Oh yeah my mom wants to go to lunch with you in three days... To you know start the basic planning..." I said, summer smiled. "Awesome!" She said as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. "Want to walk on the beach?" I asked she nodded and smiled. Like whenever we are together I grabbed her hand as we started walking towards the visible water. "So when is Michael getting you that interveiw?" I asked as she smiled, "I think he said in a week." I sorta frowned. "I don't want to leave you in a week..." The boys and I were going to L.A. To go write our second album. And I don't want to leave her, but she smiled, "don't worry Lukey, you'll be back in two months... And that means more time together and I mean with your mom our wedding will be perfectly planned in no time!" I smiled as we stepped into the sand, "I love the way you turn everything into positivity... It's amazing!" I said and she giggled and kissed my cheek. "The sunsets in Aussie have always been perfect," she said as we sat in the sand away from the water, watching the sunset. "I agree, in all the places I've been Aussie is the best..." I said with her leaning her head on my shoulder. "You know only in two weeks will be my birthday... The day we met." She said causing me to smile. "Michael actually made me go with him... I didn't want to go because I wanted to find someone and fall in love." I said playing with Summers hair. "Lucy and Max wanted to do something special for my 18 birthday... So they took me there." She let out a little laugh. "And I remember sitting in the back of max's car fangirling how you tweeted you were clubbing..." She added. "I think I actually saw your reply to that tweet..." I said and we laughed, "and lucy was saying it was a long shot on actually meeting you." She said and I laughed. "I remember that old creepy asshole. Trying to hookup with you." I said and we both laughed, "well hello luke hemmings!" She said and we both laughed. "That's the best line ever!" I said and she ran her hand through The sand... "Why?" She asked still messing with some sand. I chuckled a bit and smiled, "because it's the sentence that led to this... It's the line that started my life, with you." She blushed a bit and smiled, "I just felt like being a smart ass that night... Plus I was drinking achoul..." I chuckled as she giggled. "But that was the best idea ever to step in!" I said kissing her head. "I agree!" She looked up and kissed me, I could feel both of our smiles through it.

Summers POV

The sun started going down and stars started poking out. "The sky is so beautiful..." I said as I rested my head on Luke's chest as we just layed looking at the stars. "But nothing compares to you..." He said. I smiled and just listened to the waves crash on the sand in the close distance, and the wind blow ever so slightly. Luke was humming the tune of Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. "I wish this could last forever..." He said causing me to grin. The sky was quickly turning to a deep navy blue, stars scattered the clear sky, the lights from Sydney reflected beautifully off the water. "I agree..." I added yawning. "We should head to the room... Get those papers filled out." Luke said as we both slowly sat up. Before we stood up he quickly kissed me and got up and helped me. "Why thank you!" I said as we laughed. We walked hand in hand, stopping at the car to grab the papers and to the room we go! When we got into the room I groaned as I walked to my suitcase grabbing some pjs. "Just let me get all ready for bed before we start signing things!" I said walking towards the bathroom. Luke chuckled, "kk baby girl." I walked into the bathroom settings my pjs down on the counter and turning the shower on to let it heat up. I quickly brushed through my hair, stripped off my clothes, washed my face and stepped into the warm soothing water. My whole body ached from walking around these past few days. I just real quick washed my hair and body and got out. I could hear Luke slightly singing Long Way Home. I smiled as I dried off ( including hair ), threw my hair into a messy bun, stepped into my pjs(baggy soccer jersey & black spandex shorts) and took my contacts out replacing them with my glasses. I finally stepped out and luke smiled. "Let's get this all filled out now!" He said motioning to the papers on the small dining table thing. We both sat into the chairs and started going through the papers...

*25 mins later*

We were nearing the end when luke snapped a picture of me. "Hey what was that for?" I giggled as he scrolled through things on his Twitter. My phone buzzed and he smiled

@Luke5SOS: *pic of summer* Summer and I are filling out our Apartment papers! 😁 so excited!

I laughed. "You legit live on Twitter." I said earning some laughter from luke. "I do it for the fans!" He said over dramatically earning laughter from me. "WE DID IT!" I said as I finished up the last bit of paper work. We both sighed in relief and accomplishment. But in almost unison we grinned, "we did it..." Luke said. "We are going to be living together!" I shouted jumping up, luke joining me. I jumped into his arms and he just hugged me. He yawned which caused me to. "What is the time even?" I giggled. He pulled out his phone and checked. "Wow 12:06 am" I groaned and walked over to the bed plopping onto to it. Luke plopping next to me. "Can you turn off the lights?" I asked with a pouting face. He chuckled as he got up. "Anything for my princess!" He said, "plus I need to change!" I laughed realizing he wasn't changed. He turned off the main light leaving the nightstand lamp on. He pulled on some pj pants and just slipped out of his shirt. I took off my glasses as luke hopped in bed turning of the nightstand lamp... "Night princess..." He mumbled as he snuggled up right next to me. I smiled as I closed my eyes mumbling, "night lukey..." He kissed my head and we both drifted off to sleep.

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