Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


41. Chapter 31

Summers POV I woke up next to luke.... My eyes widened and I smiled, "lukey wake up! We have to meet the real estate agent in two hours!" I turned to face him, and I kissed his nose, he smiled and slowly opened his eyes, "Let me sleep!" He said groaning, I giggled. He smiled again, "I think I have fallen in love with your giggle!" He said kissing me. "Now let's get ready!" He said. We were in the hotel room still. "Hey when is your mom getting back?" I asked as we brushed our teeth. "I think two days..." He replied. "Have you told her?" I asked starting to work on my makeup and he started on his hair. "Yeah... Se found out by twitter first though..." He said as we laughed a little. "And she wants to ask if she can help plan the wedding..." He said focusing on a single piece of hair that wouldn't work out. "Of course! I mean I don't think either of us know how to plan anything..." He laughed, "damn you fucking hair!" He said and I laughed. "Haha all I have to do is brush mine!" He gave me an evil eye but only held it for a few seconds until laughing and pecking my lips. I finished up applying some mascara and luke was fixing his flannel shirt.... "What should I wear luke?" I asked throwing some clothes behind me.... I heard him giggle as he walked around the corner... "You girls and your outfits..." He said and I smirked, "you and your hair!" We both laughed. I ended up grabbing a pair of high waisted white skinny jeans, a guns and roses tank top and a black pair of vans. "Awww my finace is God damn hot! If I see any dudes stare at your ass I will punch them!" He said. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, keeping my arms wrapped around him to stay close... He wrapped his around my waist. "Trust me I would punch them first..." I said kissing him again. "Ok deal..." He kissed my nose and I stepped down from my tip toes and grabbed his hand and my purse thing. "Can we get some starbucks before hand? I need my coffee!" I asked as we stepped into the elevator. "I was going to anyways... I also require coffee!" He said as we walked into the lobby. As we stepped into the warm air I put on my sunglasses and luke did the same. "It's always so bright!" I said. Luke kissed my cheek, "ok well let's go find an apartment!" He said as we got into his car.  *with the agent person!* "Ok so this is our third option! It is a gorgeous two bedroom apartment, it has a kitchen that looks into the living area, a master bedroom with a bathroom and spacious closet! And much more! Let's go inside shall we?" Rick said opening the door as luke and I walked in. "Wooow!" We both said looking at the very spacious apartment. "I think this one is the best..." Luke mumbled... Rick smiled. "Ok let's start off looking at the master bedroom!" Luke grabbed my hand as Rick led us down a short hallway and opened a door to an amazing room. "Wow this is perfect.." I said smiling. I mean it was. It had a bathroom with a shower tub thing a large counter and mirror... And the room itself was very big... And it had a fucking walkin closet. "It's amazing!" Luke said, Rick smiled, "let's see the rest" The other two doors in the hallway was a guest room with another walkin closet and the other door was a big bathroom. And for the main part of the apartment was a kitchen and a living area, separated by a counter and a small space for a table and such. "Ok now that you've seen the whole thing and the first two let's head back to my office!" We walked outside and hopped into a car with Rick and headed back to his office.  *at the office* "Ok I am going to leave and you can choose whether to wait and make a decision or come to one while I'm gone!" Rick said as he stood up and started out of the door. Luke looked at me and smiled, "I really liked that last one!" He said. I grinned, "me too! It is perfect! I mean it is perfect size and everything..." I added. "And it has that extra room for you know if we started a family!" He said with a huge smile. I mean he was right... That apartment would give us a chance to have room for a child and everything. Just then Rick walked in with some papers. "Have you made a desicion?" He asked sitting in the desk that we were facing. "Yes!" Luke said, "we want that last one..". Rick grinned, "perfect fit for you two!" Luke and I looked at each other  and  smiled, "ok you just have to fill this stuff out... And then we can get you moved in as soon as possible!" He handed us a folder full of papers and we headed out the door back to the hotel. "This is so exciting!" I said as we got into Lukes car. "I know!" He said smiling. "Now we have papers to fill... Furniture to pack... And buy, also we had a wedding to plan!" Luke added in. I smiled at the idea of it all. Starting an actual life with luke. The man I love... Like rolled down all the windows and I hung my arm out of mine and let the wind let it flow. "Hey our song is on the radio..." Luke said smiling as their version of What I like About You came on... "That's because it's the best cover ever!" I said earning a smile from him. 
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