Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


40. chapter 30

Luke's POV

Summer and I started singing American Idiot at the top of our lungs as we drove to Michaels. I can't wait for the day I am married to this girl and tomorrow we are even shopping for an apartment? What is this? I am going to die of happiness. "Luke!" Summer said as the song ended. "What?" She giggled, "stop at the Starbucks! I need my white chocolate mocha!" She said as I instantly turned into the place with a Starbucks, I got to the drive through place, "two grande white chocolate mochas please!" I said into the robot thingy what ever they are called. We went to the window and payed and got our drinks, "thank you Lucas!" She said, I chuckled we were bout 4-5 minutes away from michaels house. When we got there 5 cars were already in front of it. "Yay! I haven't seen Michael in a while!" Summer said hopping out of the car running towards the door. I love this girl so much.

Summers POV

"IM HERE BITCHES!" I shouted as I walked through the door. Michael ran around the corner and hugged me. "I missed you Mikey!" I said as he released me from the hug. "I missed you to summer!" Luke walked in and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. All the boys and their girls walked around the corner, "awwwww isn't the engaged couple so cute?" Lucy said hugging me. "Lucy! I haven't seen you since I went to school!" I said. "I know!" Max walked around the corner. "MAX!" I yelled running from Lucy. "Well I feel loved!" She giggled and I hugged max. "Hey summer!" I laughed."sorry I just haven't seen you in a while." He laughed. "Well I am now friends with the mighty Ashton Irwin!" Ashton laughed, "so now I won't fan girl over them!" He said earning a laugh from everyone. "Let's all go to the basement!" Calum said as Lacey jumped onto his back and he ran down stairs her laughing. Lucy ran downstairs and Ashton ran behind her. Then the rest of us gradually made our way down. "I missed this place!" Michael said sitting on the floor. "What should we do?" Ashton asked.... "Oooo we should play truth or dare!" Ariel offered. "A bunch of 20 yr olds?" Max asked laughing, Ariel gave him a death glare. "Yes!" She giggled. "Let's do it!" Lucy said, we all sat in a circle. Lacey sat in Calum's lap, Lucy and Ashton were holding hands giggling about something, Ariel was leaning her head on Michael shoulders as he played with her hair... They all looked so cute, "max you look so lonely!" Luke said, "eh Alice couldn't make it today..." Alice is his new girlfriend from university. She is always busy... I sat in Luke's lap and we started. "I'm going to start!" Michael said, "ok hmmm Calum truth or dare?" Calum looked like he was deep in thought, "uhhhh since your the one asking truth..." We all kinda laughed, "ok how did Lacey and you meet? You never really told us..." Lacey laughed, "really cal?" He giggled nervously, "we met on twitter... I was kinda stalking her then I realized she stalked me and from then on history!" He said Lacey laughing... Nice way of meeting. Stalking eachother. "Ok Luke truth or dare?" Luke instantly replied, "dare!" Calum did the beard thing... Even though like usual he is beardless. "Tweet that you like dicks...." I almost fell over laughing. "But then the whole fandom will be like what bout summer!" He said laughing. "I will just tweet my finace is an asshole!" Everyone was laughing a bit. "Deal!" He said pulling out his phone.

@Luke5SOS: I like dickssssss

"I did it!" He yelled. All of us pulled out our phones. "I'm replying!" Almost actually I think all of us said in not so unison.

@Michael5SOS: @Luke5SOS I KNEW ITTT

(Ariel) @LITTLE5sosmermer: @Luke5SOS you damn dick lover... What's about summerzzz 😂

(Lucy) @k1$$mya$$: lukey lukey lukey you weirdo 😂😂

@Ashton5SOS: @Luke5SOS and that kids is why u don't play truth or dare...

@Calum5SOS: @Luke5SOS sammmmee dude

(Lacey) @LaceyBra4me: @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS heyyy cal I'm a girlllll though!

(Max) @maxymartz: @Luke5SOS but what bout summer!

(Me) @Summer5SOS: @Luke5SOS you dickhead.... Lol I wuvvv u

Yesss I changed my username don't judge lol. "Wowwww the reactions are priceless!" Ashton said laughing.

"Then of course you idiots replied. My fave was Calum's!" Luke said laughing.

*they play til it gets dark*

Luke's POV

We played truth or dare for a few more hours. "TIME FOR THE BONFIRE!" Michael yelled grabbing Ariel's hand and running upstairs. We all followed and went into the dark outdoors. "Bonfire! Bonfire! It's time for the bonfire!" Michael and Ariel sang as they gathered some stuff for the fire.

*fire gets started*

"We should here you guys just sig campfire songs..." Summer said. "IM GOING TO GRAB SOME MOTHER FUCKING GUITARS!" Calum said running inside. He soon came out handing Michael and I guitars. "Ashton and I are just gonna song because you guys are the best at the acoustic versions!" I smiled and summer smiled. "What song ladies?" Ashton said as Lucy kissed his cheek. "You should sing wherever you are!" Ariel said. Michael smiled. I started the guitar, "for a while we pretended like we never had to end it but we knew we had to say goodbye..." I looked at summer and nudged her she started singing, "you were crying at the airport when they finally closed the plane door I could barely hold it all inside..." Then of course Michael and Ariel started singing... "Torn in two and I know I shouldn't tell you but I just can't stop thinking of..." All of us started singing (including the girls) "you wherever you are you wherever you are every night I almost call you just to say it always will be you." We all laughed after we finished, "wow we sounded pretty good!" Lacey said. We all kinda laughed. After a few more songs we just started talking, "so summer how is school?" Max asked. "I don't know if I like it..." She said messing with my hoodie strings, "what do you mean sum?" I asked. "I dunno... It's just not what I'm looking for. " she side smiled. "Hey maybe we can get you an interview with a producer or something..." Michael said smirking and her eyes lightened. "Wait really?" She said with a huge smile. "Well I mean yeah! Plus we are looking for an opening act." She squealed in excitement. "OMG this needs to happen!" She smiled and kissed me then ran over to Michael. I was just sitting there staring at the love of my life in an amazing state if happiness. It gave me a warmer feeling than the fire burning in front of me...

A/n- yo guys! I might not be able to update as often because I am currently moving to L.A. From Denver so yeah I am sorts busy lol but I will try!

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