Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


4. chapter 3

Summers POV

As we pulled up to the club a man in a really nice tux walked up to the window, maxes window. Max rolled down the window and he is a valet man so max and him talked, he was explaining the rules and all that boring shit... So I payed attention to what the actual club looked like and damn it's amazing! It had perfect white walls and it looked about three story's high. On the top floor their was balconies and such... There was even some tables on the roof! But the balconies had some gorgeous neon purple/blue lit-up railings. And leading up to the door was a blue runner and had a velvet purple rope blocking the door with a large bouncer dude. "Ok let's go!" Lucy said jumping out of the car as max was replaced with... I think his name is Dawson... Now in the driver seat. As we walked towards the blue rubber my shoes were really loud but I had a sway in my step with a crap load of confidence. I have decided that I am going to try to meet someone not just hookup... Because their was probably some creepy old dudes anyways. The annoying clicking off my heels along with mine, stopped as we stepped onto the neon blue runner, "interesting color scheme..." I mumbled and max kinda chuckled, guess I didn't mumble. Lol. But as we approached the door the bouncer dude stopped me... But max waited for me inside the club, "miss I need to see your id, you have to be over 18..." I quickly grabbed my id from a hidden pocket in the dress, my id, phone, and a small wallet was located in there. He handed me back the id after examining it to make sure it was real, "here you are, sorry about that!" He said unlocking the purple velvet rope allowing me into the club.

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