Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


39. chapter 29

*at hotel*

Summers POV

I was exhausted... After we left the beach we walked around the shopping center near by... Now it's 9:00pm... Luke plopped onto the bed next to me. "Today was amazing and fun... I missed that..." He said smiling. I leaned over and kissed him. "Soooo bout that beach wedding..." I said with a huge grin partnered with his. "I think it would be great! We can invite friends and family...." He said. "And it would just be amazing!" I added in. "All it needs to be amazing is you!" He said kissing me. "I'm hungry!" I whined... "The lets order some pizza!" Luke said jumping off the bed. "Pepperoni!" I shouted as he grabbed his phone and dialed in a pizza place number. "Hello? Yeah can I get a pepperoni pizza and two cherry colas... Oh yeah we are staying at the hotel down the street room 1567! Ok thanks!" He hung up the phone and sat back on the bed. "Pizza is on it's way!" I smiled... "I am so glad we met..." I said drifting off. "Yup I mean i wanted to meet someone... But I met you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me!" He said I leaned my head in his lap and he played with my hair singing a daydream away by ATL... "You're just a daydream away, wouldn't know what to say if I had you... And I'll keep you a daydream away, just watch from a safe place so I never have to loose..." He sang with his angelic voice. There was a knock at our door. "PIZZA!" I shouted jumping off the bed and grabbing Luke's wallet... What? He has a whole lot more cash! I opened the door payed the pizza man and ran to a little table thing we had in the room. I set down the drinks and as I opened the box Luke came and stole a slice. "This pizza is amazing!" I said Luke laughing a bit... "What pizza isn't?" I smirked, "a pizza made of shit duh!" He laughed and we continued eating our pizza and drinking our soda. "Wanna watch tv?" I asked walking over to the nightstand which had a remote. "Sure! I don't care what we watch!" He said smiling. I turned on the tv and the show sleepy hollows was on, "ooo I love this show!" I said. "Luke come cuddle with me!" I whined as I sat on the bed and Luke was finishing up a slice. "Do I have to???" We said with a smile as he got up. "Yes!" I said laughing and he hopped on the bed and cuddled with me. I love the warmth of him with me... It makes me feel at home, like his touch is just happiness. His smile no matter how much I see it makes me melt and want to smile. His laugh just fills me in happiness. And his kisses and cuddles just make me happy and never doubt I am never going to stop loving this boy. He kissed my head and played with my hair. "I think for the wedding I'm going to re dye my hair the lilacy color I had... You know when we first met..." I said. "Then I can put in my vows... I love my little lilac head.." He said chuckling and I giggled. We watched some more tv and it was getting late... "I'm turning off the lights..." Luke said getting up and yawning. I got myself up and changed into my pjs... Some good Charlotte fuzzy pants and a black flowy tank. Luke was wearing some penguin fuzzy pants and no shirt... He is so cute like GAH I love him. "Your such a dork..." I said and giggled kissing him. We got back into bed and I turned off the tv. The only light in the room was coming from the balcony door. You could see all of Sydney. Luke had his arms wrapped around my waist and I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck. I heard little snores from Luke and I eventually fell asleep.

*next day*

Summers POV

I woke up and Luke was still sleeping. I got out if his grasp and out of bed. "Shower time...." I said as I walked into the bathroom. "Hurry up lady I gotta shower too!" Luke said knocking on the door laughing. I laughed..."I will now leave my prince!" He laughed and I heard him walk away. "Fine my princess!" I laughed as I turned on the water and striped off my clothes. When I stepped under the water i smiled at the warmth. "Don't stop... Doing what your doing..." I sang as I washed my hair. I quickly washed off my body and got out. I wrapped a towel around my body and stepped out. "You got the bathroom all foggy!" Luke whined I laughed. "Just hurry up!" I said. As he walked towards the bathroom. "We need to go apartment hunting tomorrow or soooon!" He said I grinned. The thought if living with Luke is awesome... And being married soon! GAH I'm excited. As Luke was showering I got dressed and dammmmn I looked cute! Lol I was wearing some high wasted black short shorts, a picachu crop top, a pokeball SnapBack and some yellow hightops.... So. Fucking. Cute. I laughed at my thoughts... (Hey we all do that sometimes!) Luke walked out wearing some grey shorts and a the offspring t shirt... Along with a grey beanie. "Dammit I want a Pokemon SnapBack!" He said. I kissed him on the cheek. "Well touch this one and I'll cut you!" I said with a smile. "Hey I got us set up with a real estate agent tomorrow! We are going to find a mother fucking apartment if it's the last thing I do!" He said kissing me. "Yes!" I said jumping up and down. "Why am I marrying a 7 year old girl?" He asked, "BECAUSE IM AWESOME!" I shouted. "Let's go to Michaels! The boys and their girls are all going... We are going to have a bonfire." He said. "Then we must force everyone to play video games!" I said kissing him. "Ok let's go!" Luke said grabbing his keys and I grabbed my wallet. He grabbed my hand as we walked through the hall and down the elevator and out to his car. "With a thousand lies and a good disguise!" Luke sang as he started the car. "Put on american idiot!" I said putting in the CD, "DONT WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT!" We practically screamed as we drove off to the mystical world of michaels house!

A/n- sorry this was later than expected!!! I kinda dropped my phone in a toilet.... Oops!

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