Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


37. chapter 28

Luke's POV

I missed the feeling of her hand in mine. As we walked outside we both put on some sunglasses... It was so bright! "The sun shines brighter with you here!" Summer said laughing a bit. "That's cause I am a god damn god!" We both laughed. "You know the first night we met I called myself a goddess..." Summer said giggling. I felt the sand start slipping into my flip flops... We are finally at the beach! "Well now we can rule this world together!" I said laughing. We found a spot in the band near the water. "I need to go get changed! Stay here! Then you can change but stay here!" She said pecking my lips grabbing the bag running away towards the changing room. I sat on a teal towel that she brought... Hers was bright yellow. Hopefully no fans like legit attack me... That has happened before. After a few minutes summer approached wearing a bright yellow bikini, some yellow sandals... Her hair was flowing as she walked facing the breeze.. . She had some sunglasses on and a flowly beach hat on... She looked gorgeous. "Ok you get changed Into your stuff!" She said. So I kissed her and ran off to the changing shack thingy a bob.

*luke changes and gets back*

I got back to summer and sat next to her. I was wearing my blue Hawaiian shorts. She was on her phone but she put it down and smiled when I sat down. Her smile just makes me so happy! She let out an exaggerated happy sigh. "I missed the beach! C'mon!" She grabbed my hand as she got up and started off towards the water. "Oh one sec!" She said setting something down on the towel. She ran towards me and jumped onto my back and lightly kissed my neck. "Now move!" She said laughing. I started running towards the water and she was giggling and laughing. When we got to the water she jumped off my back. The water felt really nice in the sweltering heat. I felt a rush of cold water splash and a wave of laughter from summer. "You'll pay for that!" I said she squealed and started running deeper. I chased after her.

Summers POV

After I splashed Luke I ran towards the deeper end. I heard a huge splash and I braced my self for water but none came. I turned around to see like missing... Then of course some one lifted me up over their shoulders. "Lukey!" I said and heard his priceless laugh. "What? I said you would pay baby girl!" He said and I giggled as I kicked my legs lightly making sure not to kick him. "Your butt is cute!" He said making me laugh and laugh (a/n- just as you thought it was cute a butt comment is added... Lol) Luke was about waist deep when he flipped me and was now carrying me bridal style. "I must now throw you!" He said and I laughed. He leaned down and kissed me and then did a dramatic scene and was like, "I will always love you!" Then of course as he threw me... I plugged my nose... And he yelled, "bye bitch!" I fell under the cold water and instantly popped up laughing at his goodbye. "Yay! Your alive!" He said kissing me. I laughed. "We should get some burgers from the little burger stand over there!" I said pointing to a little burger bar with no line. "Yes! I'm starving! Trying to drown my fiancé is hard!" We both laughed as we got out of the water. I had a hair tie around my wrist so I pulled my soaking hair into a pathetic messy bun. We real quick stopped by the towels to grab our sunglasses and my hat. Our fingers intertwined and we walked towards the burger thing. "We should have a beach wedding.."Luke said smiling at me. I squealed, "yes! That was my like dream wedding idea!" He kissed my cheek. Ok I seriously feel like I live in a movie!

*they order and eat*

My swimsuit was semi dry so I had my flowly neon pink cover up tank top thing on. And Luke and I were kinda cuddled together. My head was resting on his shoulder my legs were kinda folded over his. "It's still 3:00 in the afternoon..." Luke said. That went by quickly I thought to myself... "How have we not met any fans??" I asked Luke ruffling his damp hair... "Michael tweeted about going to gamestop... So ya know they probably went there." I laughed when he smiled.

Luke's POV

As summer snuggled into my shoulder I pulled out my phone. "Whatcha doing?" She asked. "Tweeting bout our wedding idea!" She laughed. "Twitter is life!"

@Luke5SOS: GUYZ summer and I want a beach wedding... That would be fucking awesome!

We laughed as it instantly got a ton of retweets and such, "look at the first reply!" She said falling back into her towel laughing.

@lukespenguin: @Luke5sos FUCK MEEEE

I started laughing. "Oh trust me I get tweets like that all the time... My mom has responded to them before." She started laughing til she was our of breath. "I would pay to have those framed..." She said in between her laughs. "I love your laugh" I said and she smiled and kissed me. "I just love everything about you!" I said and she smiled... "I love you too lukey!"

A/n- awwww that was such a cute date. And your welcome for a long update! And btw I now have a dog that my fiancé named Michael Clifford.... I was in the bedroom of our apartment with Michael (the dog) and he walked into the kitchen and yelled "MICHAEL CLIFFORD GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" I love him so much! Lol luv you homies!

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