Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


36. chapter 27

Summers POV

"What should we do today?" I asked Luke... "Well we have to plan a wedding... So let's walk around... Find some inspiration!" He said hopping off the bed. I laughed as he fell over. "Ouch!" He said as we both were laughing. I got off the bed and helped him up. "I need to get dressed!" I whined. "Same!" He said. "I think you look cute!" I said jokingly... He was wearing some plaid pj pants and no shirt. "Scrap that! I don't want girls looking at chu!" I said as he laughed and I went to my suitcase to grab some clothes. I ended up with a penguin crop top, black ripped high waisted skinny jeans and some white vans. "You always look so god damn gorgeous!" Luke said shaking water off his head from his shower. He was wearing a sex pistols shirt and some black skinny jeans. "I would say the same to you but your hot not gorgeous!" I said pecking him on the lips. We were both in the bathroom... I was doing my makeup and Luke was doing his hair. "I'm finished lukey hurry up!" He laughed as he was finishing up. "Grab a beach bag with our stuff! Let's go to the beach!" I smiled. He knows I love the beach. I grabbed a red striped beach bag with two towels, sun screen, our swimsuits and a flowy tank top for me. "I'm ready summer! Did you get the beach bag?" I ran up to him and jumped on his back and he laughed. "I'm guessing that's a yes!" He said and I kissed his cheek, "you missed!" He turned his head and I kissed his lips. "I wuv youuuu..." He said with a cute little smile, "I wuv you to lukey!" I got off his back and we walked through the hallway with our hands together, fingers intertwined. "Let's go to the beach beach let's go get away!" I sang and Luke laughed as we laughed and got into the elevator. We walked into the lobby and Luke knew there was a beach in walking distance. I missed him so much gahhh

A/n- hey homies!!! 2 updates in one night?!? Cray cray right? Lol sorry this one was short but I wanted a filler chapter!!! So yeah... OMG they are so cute! Gahh I was re reading the first chapter and GAH I remember when I was writing when they first met!!! So cute!!!

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