Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


33. chapter 25

*1 week before Luke comes!*

Summers POV

"Thank god it's Saturday!" I said to Emma as she sang along to rejects. "Hey I know it's a lot to ask but could I meet the boys when they get here?" Emma asked with a hopeful smile. I giggled as I got up. "Of course!" I walked up to my dresser to get some clothes. I grabbed a 1D crop top, light blue ripped high waisted shorts and some purple high tops. "Hey wanna go dress window shopping with me today?" Her eyes lightened up and she popped out of her bed, "OF COURSE!!!! I have always wanted someone to ask me that!!!" I laughed as she popped into the bathroom to get ready for the day. We purchased a vanity so I sat there to do my makeup... (Foundation, eyeliner, shadow, mascra and pink lipstick) I couldn't find my contacts so I put on my glasses and threw my hair into a messy bun. "You ready yet?" I shouted as she popped out of the bathroom looking perfect like always. "Let's go!" She said. I grabbed my purse and we ran through the hallways. "Hey summer!" I heard Trent call. "Hey!" Emma and I stopped, she went onto twitter or something, they don't get along real well... "So where you two going?" He asked, "oh we are going to go look at dresses.. I want to have some ideas." He smiled. "You guys are my otp and always will be!" He said and we laughed. "Well we better get going!" Emma said dragging me away, I smiled and waved and Trent laughed. "Well looks like it's that time of the month for little Emma." She stopped, gasped dramatically and we laughed as we continued walking til we made it out to the parking lot and into Emma's car. "Where to bride to be?!" She asked. "Let's just go to the mall... I know a store!"

*they drive to the mall*

"Awww memories..." I said smiling. Emma looked at me, "what memories?" I told her about our first date and the day he appeared in my room... I really love this place. "Ok which store?" Emma asked as we walked into the large mall. "I don't know the name but it's over there..." I pointed to the store where I bought my prom dress and Luke bought his tux... I just want to look. Luke and I are going to be planning it once he is here. 1 more week. "OMG this place is amazing!" Emma said running towards some dresses. I smiled at the memory of Luke standing with me as we looked at stuff. I can't believe I'm going to be summer hemmings instead of Stevens in a matter of months. I don't think i will ever not love this man. Plus any child of his is going to be god damn adorable.

Luke's POV

"Only 1 more week Michael! 1 more!" I shouted as he groaned and I ran around the so called living room of the bus. "Finally! Your just as annoying when you were complaining about having no love!" I laughed. "Can we go to Panda Express?" Ashton asked laughing. "YES!" Michael shouted. We all laughed and shoved each other as we hopped out of the tour bus. "I think there is one near here... We can walk!" Calum said putting on some sunglasses. "Fine by me!" I said. Currently we are in LA and we are legit prepared with pens for fans... Lol. Just then some fans walked up to us. "Omfg are you real?!" They kept saying. We all kinda laughed. "Can we get pictures?" Some asked and of course we were bombarded with phones and girls side hugging requesting a kiss on the cheek. "Hey we actually have a fan YouTube channel.. Don't laugh... But could we ya know interveiw you to put it up on YouTube?" We all nodded and agreed. There was about six of them.. Probably 16 or so. "We are actually heading to Panda Express... Wanna join?" Ashton asked with a smile. They all squealed and agreed. "Ok so we have our camera we just have some questions for each of you!" One girl said as we walked into panda. We ordered and sat down and talked... "Are you ready?" They asked and we just sat in a huge booth. "Helloooo 5sos fam!!! We are here with the one and only 5 seconds of summer! They agreed to actually do an interveiw! So let's get to it!" The boys and I smiled and waved to the camera. "The first question is for Michael... What do you plan on dying your hair next?" He smirked and replied, "I don't know... I'm liking the red!" The girls giggled, "next is for Calum... Are you all about that bass?" We all laughed including him, "I mean of course!" We laughed a bit more. "Next is for Michael again! Ok there is rumors going around you have a secret little girl friend back in Aussie! Is it true our little Clifford is no longer available?" He giggled and blushed, "well to confirm those rumors I actually do have a gorgeous girlfriend back in Aussie! Miss you Ariel!" He said to the camera, the girls gasped dramatically and laughed, "Ashton! Are you a Pringle or are you currently locked down? There is pictures of you with a mystery beauty!" He nodded and said, "yup! Her name is Lucy and she is amazing!" They laughed and looked at me, "so lukey our little engaged penguin! We have a question about your little finance, summer Stevens, what is the thing you love about her the most?" Wow how am I supposed to say this... Think Luke- ooo! "Well how am I supposed to say one thing? She Is the first person I have ever loved so much... I never want to not be near her..." The girls giggled and awwwwed. "Ok well 5sosers you heard it here! And let's make sure to thank the boys for letting us clear things up!" We all waved and said our goodbyes very loudly... "Hey could you follow our twitters?" They all asked, "of course!" They wrote them down. We signed some stuff and hugged them and everything. "Oh and hey! Call our little business thing if you are willing to be interviewed again!" They handed us a business card. "We should have you and summer do one!" Michael said as we walked away from the girls. "Hey we can't forget that ALL of us have to follow those girls on twitter when we are back at the bus." Ashton said. We talked more til we got back to the bus.

A/n- sorry if this chapter was boring! I needed a filler... But the next chapter they start planning the wedding! Yayyyyy leave comments about what the theme of the wedding should be! And THANKS FOR THE 210 FAVES! I love you guys!

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