Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


32. Chapter 24

Luke's POV
"I miss her already michaellll" I said as Michael rolled his eyes laughing. "Dude you'll see her in a few months." I gave him an evil look. "What if you had to be away from your fiancé for over 6 months..." His expression saddened... "Sorry Michael I'm just sad." He smiled, "it's fine now... CALUM ORDER PIZZA!" He yelled and I laughed. "Fine!"  Calum yelled pulling out his cell phone... We were staying in a stupid hotel, we would be in the tour bus but it broke down and won't be fixed til tomorrow... "Make sure it's pepperoni!" Ashton yelled and Cal gasped dramatically. "You dare to think I wouldn't remember!" We all laughed but thinking of Summer made me feel down. "Hey guys I'm not hungry... I'm gonna sleep." I said with a pathetic side smile of whatever. As I sat in my bed summer texted me
S- I miss you so much!
L- I wish I was beside you lol
I laughed and Michael peaked into the door, "sure sleeping..." He smirked and took a bite of pizza and left
L- bit seriously I wish you were here!
S- what is it boring without me?
L- all I have is Michael and I can't cuddle with him!
S- you better not! Your cuddles are mine and only mine!
L- lol I know! And hey you cuddle with Michael... Why can't i???
S- well I am his hair dye buddy! And I'm a better best friend!
L- one sec
I jumped out of bed and put my phone on video. "Hey Michael who is your best friend me or summer?" He looked at me, "summer!" I turned the phone towards me and made pouty face, they all laughed, "I didn't even know you were filming!" I laughed and stopped the video and sent it to summer.
L- guess you are right 😔😂
L- tou? 😏
S- 😠 you know what I mean!
L- well you should sleep it's late were you are
S- just remember I just can't stop thinking of you wherever you are 😏
L- smoooth 
L- I love you summer 
S- love you to Luke 
L- night night!
S- lol night lukey 
I sighed as I shut off my phone. "Luke do we have that bbc thing tomorrow?" I heard Ashton say as he walked into the bedroom. I noodles slightly. "Listen dude I know you miss summer and wish she was here but we really got to focus." I smiled (fake) and said a quiet, "ok..." He patted me on the back and left. The only source of happiness I have is her. She is beautiful and funny, her laugh is contagious, she is always confident and doesn't care what people think, she loves me, and I love her. 

A/n- sorry for the filler chapter... But hey I wanted to update for you guys! So here it is! AND THANKS FOR THE 80 FANS! I like freaked out.... Yayyyyyyy! 😊😊😘

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