Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


30. chapter 23

Summers POV

I wake up and the plane is still up in the air. "Hey could I ask you something?" One of the fans I met asked, noticing I was awake, "of course... What is it?" I yawned, "what school are you going to?" I smiled... I noticed this girl is about my age, "university of Sydney... How old are you?" She smiled. "Hey I'm going there to! I'm 19 by the way." I sat up straight... Might as well I mean I am talking. "Awesome what are you gonna major in?" She sat up along with me. "Well actually music! My boyfriend is actually a piano prodigy and he will be there!" I smiled but in my mind I was sad because... Luke... "That's awesome!" We talked and got to know her I found out her name is Katie and she is obsessed with 5sos and good Charlotte. "Attention all passengers we will be landing in Sydney in 45 minutes!" The overhead said, earning moans and groans from waking passengers. "Soooo summer are you excited for school?" Katie said, "yeah! I just wish I could have stayed on tour... Cause ya know engaged now..." We laughed at the comment. Our conversation came to a stop and I put my earbuds in as the ground of Sydney came into view. Little things by good charalotte came on and I smiled... Luke and listened to this a lot.

*skip to first day of uni*

I walked into my dorm with all my bags to see one side of the room covered in posters (didn't really pay attention to anything. One side was blank... My side. There was music playing and the next song came on was disconnected by 5sos. As I set my three duffle bags on my bed I heard a gorgeous voice coming from the bathroom, "life's a tangled web of cell phone calls and hashtag I don't knoowws!" The girl walked out and smiled at me, "HI I'm Emma!" She was flat out gorgeous! She had blue eyes, tan skin, and perfect beach waved blonde hair. Her skin was just clear as glass and her smile was really really white, her eyes widened after a few seconds. "Oh. My. God. Your summer fucking Stevens." I giggled and nodded. "That's my name don't wear it out!" She squealed and jumped onto her bed... Just then I realized she had a custom made 5sos throw and all those posters where blink, good charolette, and 5sos.... Wow. I started unpacking my things. I had all my band posters (a whole fucking lot), I also had some black sheets and pillow cases, red and white chevron comfortor, black throw blanket, white fluffy throw pillows and a lot of other shit (framed pictures of Luke and I duh) there was a night stand by the bed so I put Luke and my prom picture on it. Also I set my scrapbook in the drawer. "Awww that photo is so cute!" Emma said as she looked at the prom photo. I smiled and continued looking on my phone. "So what are you majoring in?" Emma asked sitting in a bean bag chair in the room, jesturing me to sit in the other. "Actually music..." I said plopping down into the other chair and she smiled, "same!" We went on getting to know eachother when there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Emma said popping up. "Thanks!" She said to the man as she grabbed a package. "It's for you!" She said setting it next to me. I rummaged through my shit for scissors and opened it. It was a teddy bear and three white roses. "Awww is that from Luke?" Emma asked plopping down next to me. I smiled and nodded. There was also a card that read...

Dear summer,

Hopefully you're in school when you get this! I wanted to say I love you and such so yeah and the teddy is named Benjamin... Because I wanted to...



I smiled. Maybe this year will be better than I thought.

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