Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


28. chapter 21

*second day of tour*

"Wake up summer! We have to go to a radio interview they want you to come!" Michael yelled into my ear causing me to jump and hit my head on the ceiling. Michael laughed, "sorry summer.." I gave him and evil stare but a friendly smile. "I will be ready in 10 minutes!" I said jumping out of bed. I ran into the bathroom. I washed my face and put on some foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and some nude lip color. I put on the clothes that I grabbed (all time low flowly tank top, white short-shorts that were really ripped, and some purple hightops converses.) I lightly curled my still blue and green hair and pulled most of it in a loose high pony tail, leaving some strands in the front. "Let's do this!" I yelled as I walked out into the *living room* of the tour bus. "Well aren't you gorgeous?" Luke said kissing me and micheal pouting... "I miss Ariel!!!" (Yes Michael and Ariel are dating now 😋) "let's go peasants!" Ashton screamed as he opened the tour bus door and we all loaded up into a black car. "You guys excited?" We were in LA, California. I love america already. "Yes!" They all screamed in unison. They were going for an interview and I get to be there! And they are gonna do an acoustic show. When we arrived we braved ourselves because this is amazing!

*they go through the interveiw*

I sang along as they finished up there cover of teenage dream. "Be your teenage dream tonight." Michael finished and all the fan girls clapped. After that we decided to head back to the tour bus.. We finally got back it was dark. Tomorrow's show was in the next state so as soon as we all got on the bus driver started on the road. All the boys were tired and went to sleep. "That was fun! I can't believe fans had questions for me." Luke smiled and kissed me, I could feel the smile through my lips, which caused me to smile. We sat on the couch and I sat with my legs cris crossed. "So are you excited?! Next time we will be in LA will be your biggest show yet!" He smiled but looked sad, "that's the last show before you leave for school." He frowned and I rubbed his shoulder and kissed his cheek, "yes but who cares... Nothing between us will change... I will always love you, that will never change." He smiled which made me smile. We ended up talking and whispering sweet nothings til we cuddle and fell asleep. I love Luke hemmings so much. I never thought I could love some one so much. But I found him.

*im gonna write a few funny tour moments!*

"Michael Gordon Clifford!" I yelled. My face was soaked in ice water along with my pillow. I walked into the tiny kitchen and when he saw a look of amused terror formed on his face. "Your going to-" before I could finish Luke ran up behind me and threw me over his shoulder. "Hey I need to kill Michael!" I yelled in between laughs. "THANKS LUKEY!" Michael yelled. He let me down since he hated when Mikey called him that. I ran up behind Michael jumping on his back tackling him. We both fell to the ground and layed there laughing our asses off. "Guys Michael was just tackled by summer!" Luke said as he was filming a keek... Right before he ended it I screamed he's next!

"When you change your mind I'll be waiting! Cause I'm better than him just saying!" They finished the song. "What do you think?" Calum asked and they all smiled. "I loved it!" Everyone is gonna love it! "Is that going on the new ep?" They all nodded and smile..."yay!" I cheered.

*night of the last concert*

"I am gonna miss you so much..." Luke said as a tear rolled down his and one on mine. "That's why I want you to make this one of your best shows. So I can brag to my new university friends." I said laughing it made him smile so I smiled. "Luke were on in 5!" Ashton said. He smirked... What does he have planned probably throwing a drumstick at Luke's head again. 😂 He's done that at the sound checks! Just not live... Yet. "You guys are gonna do awesome." They walked up onto the pitch black stage. None of the fans noticed yet. Ashton started on the drums and lights flickered warning the crowd they were starting, they rocked their intro into 18...

*they play their set list till there last song*

"Hey guys!" Luke said into the mic. The whole crowd screamed. He laughed and his breaths were heavy. "We have one last song for you guys!" He smiled as the whole stadium cheered. "This one is very special and I want to dedicate it to my amazing girlfriend summer! Get out here summer!" I was shocked I walked up on stage and everyone screamed. "She is my everything and I love her... She is leaving to go back to Aussie for university." I was just standing on stage awkwardly. Lol. "So here it is!" Luke shouted as they started playing *if these sheets were states* by all time low... One of my favorite songs. It ended and everyone was screaming and I hugged Luke. I don't care that he was all sweaty! Lol. "Ok before we leave we have one more thing!" Luke said. Michael and Calum were just kinda playing a tune. Luke turned to me and smiled. He took something out of his pocket and got down on one knee. The whole stadium screamed and I gasped putting my hand over his mouth. He kinda laughed but he opened the box revieling a ring. I started to tear up. He brought the mic on his head piece up to his mouth, "Summer Jennifer Stevens..." The stadium screamed and the other three were laughing a bit, "will you make me so happy and marry me?"

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