Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


27. chapter 20

*1 week later. (Trying to make enough time to write everything in)

Summers POV

"Ooo let's go on this one!" I said grabbing Luke's hand running towards the ride. Luke brought me to a local fair. I really wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. "This night has been so fun Luke!" I said as we got in the short line. He stroked my cheek and kissed me. "Going on tour is going to be amazing with you." I kissed him again and I grabbed his hand as we walked up to the Ferris wheel seat. We already showed the operator our wrist bands. We sat in the seat and it wobbled a bit... I was a bit scared of heights so I moved closer to Luke. "Don't worry you won't fall while I'm here." He said as I snuggled my head into his shoulder. The wheel started to move and Luke side hugged me closer. The sky was dark and when we got to the top the wind was blowing. The fair was near downtown so you could see the city and it was gorgeous. "Wow..." I said as Luke hugged me close and smiled. "It's almost as gorgeous as you..." Luke said kissing my forehead. I snuggled up close and closed my eyes and smiled. The smell of his cologne filled my nostrils. He ran his fingers through my hair. And started humming besides you. "You know I wrote that about you right?" He said and I smiled, "really?" He nodded I kissed him. The Ferris wheel started to move where we could get off. When we did we walked with our fingers intertwined and our arms swinging a bit with each step. "OMG Luke hemmings!" A girl screamed running up to us. "And your summer right?" She asked I nodded and she smiled really big. "OMG you guys are like the cutest together!" She squealed, she got a picture with Luke, "can I get a picture with you?" She asked and I smiled, "of course!" She takes a selfie with me and runs off squealing with joy. My hand met again with Luke's and we started walking towards the exit. "We should go to your house and just look at the stars like we used to." He said, "that sounds wonderful..."

*they are now in the backyard*

The sky looked gorgeous. My hand rested in Luke's and I was snuggled up with him. "You're so gorgeous..." Luke said a little louder than a whisper. "You know I will never get sick of you saying that..." I said with a smile. He let out a happy sounding sigh. "Can you believe the luck we had at that club..." He asked looking at me and I smiled at the memories. "Yeah it's funny.. I started that day off listening to good girls..." He started humming good girls and I giggled. "And I was staking your twitter page and Lucy and I were joking about meeting you and what would happen..." Luke chuckled, "yeah before arriving at that club... Michael was saying how I might actually be able to meet someone.. And I guess he was right... Cause I found you." I kissed him. And we just stared at the stars... "What other songs did you write about me?" I asked still staring at the amazing sky. "Hmmm beside you, the only reason, wherever you are, and disconnected..." A huge smile grew on my face, "4 songs?" I asked looking at him and he layed there smiling. "Yup... I guess that's what I do when I'm in love."

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