Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

Summers POV

"Ok let's go!" Lucy said as we walked walked out her room. Her hallway is carpeted it was kinda hard to walk. "Max hurry your ass up!" I shouted knocking on the door as we past his room. He instantly opened the door and walked out... And he looked hot! He was wearing a vibrant purple long sleeve button up shirt with a black vest over it. He also had on some black skinny jeans and purple high tops converses. He put in his contacts in (he has really nerdy glasses) and had his dark brown hair quaffed perfectly. "Wow max you dress up niiiccee" I said as he smirked and followed us down the stairs. "You to that black dress is sexy..." I looked behind me (he was following us so yeah behind me) and dramatically flipped my perfectly curled hair, "did Max Parker just give me a compliment?" He chuckled and Lucy threw the car keys at him, "would you two stop flirting like idiots? I mean summer you already said you weren't gonna fuck him!" We all laughed and walked out the door. "Do we need jackets?" Max asked and Lucy replied really quickly, "nah I don't think it will get to cold..." My shoes clicked loudly on the pavement along with Lucy's. "God girls shoes make so much noise!" Lucy and I laughed as we hopped in the car, I got front seat, max was driving and Lucy sat in the back. "So what is our plans?" I turned my phone on, entered my passcode and went on twitter.

@Luke5SOS: the boys and I are going clubbing! Not gonna tell where though 😏

"OMG 5 seconds of summer is going clubbing!" I screeched and max laughed and Lucy rolled her eyes. "I'll be damned if you score it with one of them... And pretty shocked!" Max said tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, he was following the beat of *sugar we're going down* by fall out boy. "They probs aren't going to the same club! So Summer you have no chance!" Lucy said laughing. "You never know! Max what are you planning?" I asked posting a selfie I took with Lucy, stating we are going partying! Gah I'm so excited! "I dunno, maybe dance with a few girls... Maybe buy a few drinks for people... Possibly get lucky..." So typical club plans... Wow he's so creative, "so basically normal clubbing?" I asked giggling with my eyes glued to my phone, stalking Luke of course. "Hey what are your plans then?" I bit my lower lip, what are my plans? I mean do I wanna be layed or do I actually wanna find someone to actually get to know? "I actually am not sure... Maybe get to know someone? Or maybe just hook up? But what's the point of either?" I could see the buildings on Sydney appear to rise as we got closer. "Well I plan on dancing til I pass out!" Lucy said as her phone illuminated her makeup filled face (shortened she just turned on her flipping phone! God the author of this sucks at making it simple!) "don't you mean drink?" I said as max and I laughed, she scowled at the remark, "well yeah I guess that's correct. The car started to get brighter as the city lights filled up the dark spaces. "I love downtown!" I said opening a window, maybe it will give my hair a more wind blown look, (don't judge we have all thought that!!!)

Luke's POV (wtf this is my story!)

I looked in the mirror as I smoothed out some fly aways in my hair. There was pounding at the door, "c'mon Luke we are leaving!" That was Michael. I set down my comb and picked up my phone... I just rhymed in my head I'm pathetic... 😂. But I'm so excited to go clubbing! I mean what if I meet a girl! Ashton said we shouldn't tell our fans what club because we actually want a chance with some one. As I walked out of the bathroom I flicked off the light. "Ready? Ash and cal already left... If all four of us walk in surely fans will attack us." Michael said making sure his red hair was perfectly spiked. "Ooo ur looking all done up..." I said because usually he doesn't. He was wearing a maroonish long sleeve button up shirt paired with a black tie wrapped tightly around his neck. But he was wearing normal ripped black skinny jeans and some jet black vans. I pushed him out of the way for the full view mirror. I was wearing a short sleeve neon blue button up. Loosely hanging black tie and a leather jacket. I had on rip-free black skinny jeans and some white high tops. "I would say the same to you but I dislike you!" He said with an evil grin. "Ok well let's get going." I said practically pushing him out the front door... I really want to try and meet someone and get to know then not just a one-night stand.

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