Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


25. chapter 19

Summers POV

I feel like my world stopped. Luke wants me to go on your with him. "Luke I can't..." His expression saddened, "why? We wouldn't have to deal with the sadness of not being with each other." I felt like crying... I can't go, I have school in the fall. But Luke is everything I have ever wanted. Everything. "Luke I have school." He sighed, "I'm sorry I totally forgot. I just hated every second with out you." I smiled. "Yeah but the feeling of being able to see each other for the first time in months was the best feeling in my life. I want more moments like that." He smiled and nodded. "You're right.. But if you ever change your mind... The option is always open." I leaned in and kissed him, he deepened the kiss. Yeah we were just full on making out (you be wishing it was you... 😆). I pulled away. "We should go to sleep..." I laughed as I kissed him a little more. "Yeah but only if you cuddle with me!" He said picking me up bridal style and carrying me up to my room. We got into bed and cuddled until he fell asleep. I was wide awake thinking. If I go on your with him... I feel like we would drift apart. I really don't want that happening. I have 3 months til I have to go to college. He has one month til he goes back on tour. I have one month to decide one of biggest decisions I have had put in front if me. I finally drifted to sleep as my mind calmed and Luke's muffled snores just made me fall asleep.

*next day*

Luke's POV (wow kat... Doing that again?)

I woke up all cuddled up next to summer. She is amazing. I love her so much, I know she has school but I don't want to leave her. That day I left her on the airport, the flight attendants thought I had a huge problem because the tears would stop. If I wasn't with fans, interviewing, or performing I was depressed. God I never not want her with me.

Summers POV

I woke up, Luke was awake. "Morning gorgeous..." He ask as I smiled and he kissed my nose. "Luke?" "Yes?" I sat up... "Whatcha wanna do?" He laughed a bit. "We should just go walk around downtown." I smiled and nodded. "I have to get ready! Now shoo!" He laughed and groaned as he got out of bed. "Hurry up or I'll start missing you." I kissed him and he went downstairs, I heard him and my mom talking. I hopped into the shower. I think I might say yes to going on tour. I bit my lip at that thought. Oh my gosh I have the perfect idea! I gt ready as fast as I could to tell Luke my idea. When I hopped downstairs my mom and him were laughing about something... "Ready beautiful?" He asked, I nodded and we went out to his car and started towards downtown, "luuuke?" He giggled, "yes?" I smiled, "I have a perfect idea..." He looked at me with a go on expression. "I will go on your for 1 month... Then I can be back in time for school!" He cheered and I laughed, "OMG summer these two months are going to perfect!"

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