Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


24. chapter 18

Summers POV

There was a fucking gun shot! I sprinted downstairs my mom screaming my name. "Luke!? Michael?!" I ran outside to see Luke Michael tackling the man. "Call the police Summer!" Michael yelled I ran inside and dialed the police

Police- hello?

Summer- Help! Someone has broke into my house. *another gun shot*


Police- Mam we're on our way!

The phone line went dead. I ran outside Luke and Michael had the man tackled. Michael punched him a few times as Luke held his feet down. The man stopped struggling and Michael stopped. The police burst through my front door. "They are outside! Not the blonde or red head! The bald one!" I yelled as Luke and Michael ran inside. "Summer!" Luke yelled kissing me and hugging me... "Michael!" I hugged him so tight. "Thankyou..." I whispered as I walked back to Luke. My mom came running down the stairs and hugged us all at once. "Thankyou boys..." She sobbed into their shoulders. "Thank god you were here!" She sobbed. She was right, what would've happened if they didn't take a break... I could've been dead... Or my mom could've been. My thoughts were interrupted as Calum raced through the door. "OMG what happened Lacey and I heard the shots and then the police arrived at your house!" Lacey came in after he finished. "Summer! Are you ok?!" She ran over to me and pulled me into a hug. I gladly accepted it. "I'm fine... Luke and Michael seriously saved my life." Calum hugged both Luke and Michael at the same time and they laughed and pushed him off. The police were dragging the man through the backyard through the gate and finally into a police car. "Ok what happened sweety?" A woman in a uniform asked as she pulled out a voice recorder and we sat on the couch while Mikey and Luke were being questioned by others. I explained everything and she put away the voice recorder. "We have had this man before... He has broken in to a few houses... But we now know we must keep him off the streets." She gave me a smile.

*everyone leaves... Luke is home*

"What time is it?" I yawned as Luke pulled me in. I rested my head on his chest. We were in the living room and Luke was watching some How I Met Your Mother. He yawned and replied with "12:57" i groaned and Luke giggled... After all the drama I was a bit scared to sleep but Luke held me tight. "Wow what an eventful night..." Luke laughed tiredly. I kissed him and he kissed back. "I'm gonna miss you even more when you leave." I kissed him again. Never wanting to stop. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we continued on watching the show. "Legend wait for it dary" I giggled at the line and Luke kissed my head. "I'm gonna miss you so much!" I said.... "Why don't you just come with us?" I felt my world stop... What do I say....

A/n- DONT WORRY!!!! Ok so about 2 or 3 chapters coming for this story today! And I would like to wish a fan of my writing, Michael_Is_My_Cliff_Sixx, a happy birthday!!!!! She is so supportive and I love her writing!!! But I am also gonna update my other stories!!! Only 1 or 2 chapters though!!! Luv you guyzz! Make sure to go fan Michael_Is_My_Cliff_Sixx as a b-day present!!!! Luv u gurl!

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