Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


23. chapter 17

Summers POV

I woke up with Luke's arms wrapped around me. My face was buried in his chest and the smell of his cologne made me smile. He let out a long sigh and opened up his eyes. "You're a gorgeous face to wake up to." He said pecking me on the lips. "What time is it?" I yawned as I cuddled up next to him, closing my eyes but not sleeping. He reached out his arm over me grabbing his phone. "It's 10:34..." He said as we both sat up. I sat on his lap and kissed him. "Hmmmmm so how was your day?" He said as I just rested my head on his shoulder playing with hoodie strings. "Well actually it started off with me missing you like crazy..." He looked at me with sad eyes and kissed my cheek. "But then Michael and I were texting... We made me feel better so I went to the mall... I saw john and we talked!" His sad face brightened up a bit. "I'm sorry for not talking to you for a while... And those rumors." I pecked his lips. "Why were those started?" I asked leaning my head back into his shoulder. "Well in England I met up with my cousin Julie... Some fans got some photos and started the rumors." A wave of relief fell over me. "And I couldn't even think of you let alone hear your voice without sobbing wanting to be with you... That's why Ashton arranged for us to ya know take a break." Just then my door slammed close... Louder than usual. "What the hell?" I whispered and Luke and I stood up. We tiptoed to my door and opened it. My mom was sleeping in her room... That means she wasn't the one downstairs. "Be quiet..." Luke whispered as we carefully walked down the stairs. It was pitch black but I could here some shuffling in the kitchen. The light in the kitchen switched on. Luke and I froze. The shadow of a man spread across the floor. "I know someone's there." The person said. I could feel cold sweat form on my forehead. "Come out off the stairs." The shadows head seemed to twitch when he said that, "now!" I saw my mom at the top of the stairs. She had a look of terror, but she waved for Luke and I to go... If we didn't who knows what could happen... "Now!" The man said a bit louder. My throat had that feeling of a lump, like when your trying not to cry. Luke took a step down and I followed. He held my hand tightly. As we stepped into the light from the kitchen... We slightly raised our hands... But still holding on to each other. "Ooooh little young people..." The man said. He was a bit shorter than Luke... He was bald and his face looked burned, disformed, and scarred. "W-what do you want?" Luke said standing up straight showing that he was taller and possibly stronger. "I want you guys to let me leave without reporting me." Luke almost chuckled. "Listen dude, if your escaping we're reporting." The man gave us an evil smile, and raised a gun and pointed it right at Luke. The front door bursted open, Michael toppling in. "Hey guys what's going- HOLY SHIT!" the man started for the back door dropping the gun. Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to my mom and Michael sprinted towards the mans direction, "MIKEY!" I screamed and Luke put me and my mom in a room, "wait here don't move." Luke sprinted off downstairs. I was shaking, "oh god..." I said. My mom pulled me into a side hug, "don't worry Luke and Michael will be fine." Then there was a gun shot. I screamed and ran downstairs.

A/n- hey guys! Do you like this type of drama? If not I can not do anymore. I myself can get annoyed when writers write like this. So please tell me if you don't like it!😘😘😘 and thanks for all the comments!!! They make me so happy!

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