Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


21. chapter 15

Summers POV

After looking at the photos I ended up just sobbing into my pillow. My phone went off it was Michael.

M- hey summer!

S- I can't stop sobbing

M- Luke?

S- Michael I love him... Are the rumors of the other girl true?

M- of course not! He almost sobs every night. Summer he loves you more than anything

S- he hasn't talked to me in two months...

M- he can't think about you without breaking down crying...

S- I gtg.... Luv u Mikey! 😙

M- bye bitch... Hold in there!

I put down my phone. I got up out of bed. It's summer time and I have college in the fall... I looked in the mirror. I was wearing a baggy jumper that said 5sos on it... Luke bought me it. I had some black ripped short- shorts on. I threw on some makeup, my black converses and put my hair up I'm a ponytail. I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys. "Mom I'm going for a drive!" She gave me a sad look as I sucked in a shakey breath. "Ok be back by 9:00..." She hugged me and I walked out to my car. Sugar we're going down came on and I sang along as I drives watching the bare plains as I passed them. I smiled at the gorgeous sky. Wait I smiled? I haven't smiled in two months... Wow. I think I'm gonna go to the mall.

*summer gets to the mall*

I walked in and she looks so perfect was playing... Normally I would start crying but I smiled and sang along in my head. I remember them skyping me while writing this... Good memories. I passed the guitar shop and I walked in. "Summer!" John exclaimed and pulled me into a hug. "John! How's it been?" He smiled. "Good, you?" I put on smile... Half fake because the memory of the first day with Luke saddened me but I'm past crying... I think. "I'm fine.. Ya know it's hard with the boys gone." He looked sympathetic... "Well it's great to see you here! Have an amazing day! You deserve it!" We hugged again and I walked around some more. I sighed out a sigh if relief and got some coffee... And iced caramel macchiato... More good memories

*summer finishes her mall trip*

As I turned my car on, I don't love you by MCR came on and I sang along... It's a gorgeous song. Luke and I sang along to this one night when we were laying in my backyard. I finally arrived back home. "I'm home!" There was a note on the counter it said my mom will be home in a few hours. "Hmm ok." I need to set my stuff I bought in my room so I head up there. I opened my door and Luke was standing in the middle of my room with flowers and a huge smile.

A/n- OMG!!!!!!!! Lol more updates coming tonight 😏 sorry this was short but more is coming!

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