Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


20. chapter 14

Summers POV

"Heartbreak girl!" Michael and scream sung as we arrived at the venue we were laughing our asses off by the time we got inside. The guys and my besties looked confused. "Long story!" We said in unison and laughed a bit more. "AWESOME HAIR GUYS!" Luke yelled lifting me up and spinning around, as he let me down he kissed me... It reminded me of the movies. Luke makes me feel like I'm living a movie. "So are you guys just besties now?" Lucy asked laughing jesturing Michael. "Well of course!" He said. "You'll have to fight me for her!" Lucy said as they both giggled but max interrupted them, "bitches please! I am her best friend!" Everyone started laughing. "We gotta start the sound check!" Ashton said as they finished up setting up the instruments and started playing good girls for the check. Max, Lucy and I screamed til our lungs hurt showing them that it was perfect!

*they finish the sound check*

People are already starting to show up... The concert is in an hour. "Luke you are gonna do amazing!" I said kissing him. "Summer..." I tilted my head as if asking what. "I have to continue on tour in a matter of weeks, that means I will have to leave you." I ran my fingers through his hair on the left side of his head. "Then let's make these weeks the best!" I kissed him and our hands stayed together as we walked until our fingers lightly brushed against each other til the warmth was gone.

A/n- hey guys I'm gonna skip a few months... You may hate me for it but I mean it could get more drama in 😏 so enjoy darlings

7 months later

Summers POV

I sat on my bed just staring at my ceiling. I miss Luke the last time we talked was two months ago. Michael and I still talk over text because we are like best friends but Luke hasn't said a word. "I feel like we're close as strangers..." I sang as some tears streamed down my face. I kept my hair with the blue and green, it reminds me of him. There is rumors of Luke dating a new girl... We never broke up, last time we talked we both said we loved each other. But why does he never answer. Lucy talks to Ashton all the time. Max is always with his girlfriend Audrey. I pulled out the scrap book I made for us. The first picture was our prom picture. Memories flooded and tears touched my skin....

Flashback to prom

"Your gorgeous summer..." He whispered into my ear. I loved the feeling of being pressed up against his body with his arms around my waist, lightly swaying to beautiful music. I never want this to end....

More tears came as I came across a picture of us kissing... With the caption first I love you... More memories....

Flashback to first "i love you"

"This place is gorgeous!" I said. He brought us to a lake. The night sky was filled with stars, they reflected perfectly off the water that slowly rippled from the light breeze. My hair flowed slightly behind my shoulders. The moon in his eyes was gorgeous. "I love you summer." As he said those first three words my heart skipped a beat, "Luke I love you and I'll never stop." Our lips connected.

My vision was slightly blurred from the tears, but I still looked at the pictures... There was a picture Michael took when Luke and were playing video games, we laughed so much that night. Then there was a picture when my face was buried in his shoulder... The day at the airport...

Flashback to the airport

"I don't want this to ever end." I cried into his shoulder. His eyes were puffy and tears were streaming down his face. "Me either..." He cupped my face and kissed my lips, I never wanted it end... I wanted him to stay and be here. All the late night cuddles. The days we just layed in my backyard staring at the stars and talked... The kisses and hugs... gone. "I love you so much summer... The first words when you said hello Luke hemmings I knew I would love you." Tears streamed down my face carrying mascara and eyeliner with them. "Words can not describe the love I have for you Luke." I said in between my small sobs. "Luke we have to go..." Calum said with a sad expression. Our lips locked for the last time for a while. "Bye summer." He sucked in a shakey breath, "Well goodbye Luke Hemmings..."

A/n- holy shit guys the feels. I almost cried just writing this. Don't worry this is not the end of this story!!!!! 😘

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