Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


19. chapter 13

Summers POV

"Wake up!" Lucy said shaking me. I winced from the bright light reflecting into my eyes. I groaned and a pillow over my face. "You have missed two calls from luuuke." She said and I moved the pillow and smiled. She laughed and handed me my phone. I card him back as sat up.

L- awww did I wake you up?

S- *yawns* no Lucy did!

L- *laughs*

S- so whatcha calling about?

L- Michael is getting his hair redid, he wants a buddy... You wanna go with? Maybe change up yours? I'll pay

S- wow that would be awesome!

L- k well Michael is gonna pick you up in an hour... He is using my car.

S- ok *laughs*

L- if he insults you or anything, tell me and I'll kick his ass! *michael yells "hey!" In backround*

S- *laughs* ok cya tonight!

L- bye!

I hung up. "So what was he calling bout?" Lucy asked as I got out I bed. "I am going to get my hair re dyed with Michael Clifford!" Her eyes widened, "really?" I smiled and nodded. "He is picking me up in an hour so I'm gonna get ready!" I said going to the bad of clothes I bought yesterday. I threw on some white ripped skinny jeans, a superman tanktop, and my blue hightops. I put on some eyeliner and red lipstick and let my hair stay down. Lucy and I talked til there was a knock on the door. I ran down and opened to see Michael. "Why hello!" I said as he jestured towards the car. "Awesome shirt!" He said and I laughed. We hopped into the car. "So what color you getting Clifford?" He laughed when I called him Clifford, "I'm getting red." I smirked, "so I can officially call you clifford the big red dog?" We laughed a bit and he said no. (😢😂) "what are you gonna do?" Hmmm ooo I have one! "I think I'm gonna do neon blue with neon green ombré affect tips!" "That's gonna look awesome!" We talked a bit more like what got us into dying our hair and such until we got to the hair place. The second we stepped in there they locked the door and fans started arriving at the window. "Wow big turn out!" We both laughed at my comment. "Who's this Michael?" The pink headed stylist asked with a smirk. "It's Luke's girlfriend nick!" He smiled and shook my hand. "Hey I'm nick sorry I didn't catch your name?" I smiled and took my hand away from his, so it want awkward 😝 "I'm summer!" "Nice to meet you! I will be styling michaels and my friend Jennifer will do yours!" He smiled and led us both to chairs. Michael and I smiled at eachother nervously and we explained to the people what we wanted.

*after bout two hours of hair work*

I was admiring my amazing hair in a mirror. "Summer get out here! I wanna see and show you mine!" I walked put of the bathroom and Michael had bright bright red hair. "Wow red is def your color!" He smiled, "blue and green are definitly yours!" I looked through the giant window and their was fan girls everywhere probably about 70 to 100. "How do we get out of here?" I asked laughing. "We just go through I guess." We laughed and headed for the door. As we walked out press kept questioning who I was and if they already knew why Michael was with Luke's girlfriend. He tried dodging all of them. Then we finally made it to the car. "Wooow!" He laughed and sighed. "Ok Calum ash and Luke picked up your friends and we just need to head to the sound check!" We started driving.

A/n- hey guys hope your liking it!!! It is amazing how much positive feed back this is getting!! I would love if you checked out my other stories! They are just as addicting as this one I think 😂 luv u guys! (Ps sorry for the short chapter in tired! I've been updating all day 😏)

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