Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


18. chapter 12

Summers POV

"Hey ya know Lucy and Ashton should definitly meet!" I said as we walked towards the next store (dress store) "how old is Lucy?" He asked as we walked into the store full of prom princess dresses. "She is 19 almost 20 she graduated last year!" I walked over to a gorgeous light sea foam green dress. "Hmmm that would be perfect for him! And why are you looking for dresses?" Oh yeah I forgot to tell him. "Oh my senior prom is in two months!" His red widened, "who are you going with?" I giggled he started acting all protective, "max and I were planning on going as friends since we were both single, but he met some girl and I have you!" He looked relieved, "well then summer, will you go to prom with me?" He asked I smiled. "Of course!" I kissed him and I could feel our smiles through the kiss. "Now help me find a dress!" He laughed and I pecked his lips before starting I look at dresses. After looking for a while I settled on a yellow dress. It was long and the top part was covered in Rhine stones all the way down to my waist were it flowed into a satiny, shiny light yellow fabric. "Your gonna look gorgeous in that dress!" Luke said kissing me before I payed for the dress (only 56.99) and he bought an amazing white tux. "Here you adorables are!" The clerk said handing us our bags. "You know everyone thinks we are perfect together and we had been together for a day!" I laughed. He is right. And I have a feeling we will be together for a while! "Oooo let's buy some video games!" He laughed as I skipped over to game stop. "Yup you're a keeper!" He said laughing. We bought three games, (call of duty advanced warfare, halo 4, and Farcry 4) We went to a few more stores but decided to leave. "Ok let's go grab your guitar!" I said as we walked towards the store. We got the guitar and headed outside. On our way out Luke stopped to take some pics with fans. "You are really pretty!" A girl said as she hugged me and they ran off giggling. "She was right!" Luke said as we hopped back into the car. "Where to? Lucy's or your place?" Hmmm where to? "Just take me to Lucy's! It's Saturday so I can stay the night there!"

*they get to Lucy's*

"Thanks for the wonderful day Luke!" I leaned over and kissed him. I got out and grabbed my bags and kissed him once more since he got out of the car. Lucy walked out and waved. "hi I'm Lucy!" He smiled. "I'm Luke! Talk to you tomorrow gorgeous." He kissed me once more. Once he drove away Lucy ran to me and helped me with my bags. "Yo max!" I said as I walked to Lucy's room. "Shush peasant I am about to kill this bear!" He was playing some game in his room. I laughed and dropped all my stuff in Lucy's room. "Girl you got a lot of stuff!" I sighed falling into her bed. "Luke is amazing!" She sat down next to me, "you guys are all over twitter!" I laughed as I sat up. "Oh you and max are coming to the sound check and will be backstage at their show tomorrow!" She fangirl screamed and max came in, "what are you screaming for?!" Lucy was catching her breath while I was laughing, "Luke said I could bring you guys to the sound check and show tomorrow!" Max smiled and clapped, "see that is why I would go gay for that man!" We all laughed. "So who is the girl you met?" I asked unloading my crap load if stuff. He sat down on Lucy's bed while she looked at all my stuff. "Her name is Audrey, she is amazing. We didn't hookup we just talked and talked and talked." Lucy and I smiled and replied with "awwwww!" He laughed but he wasn't embarrassed! "I have her number and everything, she keeps texting and calling, she's amazing!" I smiled, I am so happy max may have found someone, "so what bout you and Luke?" Max asked and I giggled at the memories, "well at first we talked and talked for hours, and we hooked up... But hey I am his girlfriend! And omg it's amazing!" Lucy and max laughed a bit. My head was swirling with pleasent thoughts, I can still feel the warmth of his hand in mine and the tingle from each times our lips connected. "And he is going to the senior prom with me in a month!" Lucy squealed. "OMG is this the dress?!" She pulled out the dress from the bag. "I'm gonna go talk to Audrey!" Max said taking his phone out walking to his room. "Ok!" We said in unison. "Yeah that's the dress! Luke bought a white tux and I have some silver shoes to go with it!" She squealed yet again when she saw the shoes. "Hey you should introduce me to Ashton! I mean we are the same age almost... Plus I mean look at me!" I laughed as she did a dramatic hair flip. "Wow lots of hot topic stuff!" she dumped out the three huge bags. "What they had a lot of sales! And I only spent 100 bucks!" She looked at the gorgeous hair peice I got. It was like a flower crown but had black and clear gems amongst silver rose like flowers. "OMG this will go perfect with your dress!" I laughed. I am so excited for tomorrow. But then I have to go to school, but tomorrow will be amazing!

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