Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


17. chapter 11

Summers POV

"What are we gonna do today?" I asked Luke as I finished up my drink. "Hmmmmm" we pondered mixing up his drink with his straw. "How bout we walk around the mall?" Good thing I remembered my wallet! "That would be awesome! I have a 300 dollar hot topic card and a few hundred in cash.... From my birthday!" He smiled as he grabbed our empty cups to throw away. "Well let's go!" He grabbed my hand and we walked out to his car. "Lol be prepared for fan girls!" I said as we laughed and hopped in the car. "That's what I like about you!" He sang as the 5sos version came on. I smiled and listened. I checked my twitter since the mall is a good half an hour away. "Luke hemmings mystery girl is trending on twitter!" I said following a few people (those girls from Starbucks) "well your gorgeous so if you get any hate tell me and I will have Ashton murder them!" I laughed an he smiled. "Your laugh makes me happy!" He said and I smiled he makes me feel amazing and beautiful, GAH! "Yours to... You just make me feel safe." I said and he kissed my hand and continued on driving.

*they get to the mall*

"Yay!" I said and he giggled at my excitement. As we walked into the mall he had our fingers intertwined and swinging with our steps. He opened the door for me and I walked in. This mall is huge by the way. "Ahhhh it feels like home!" I said as Luke grabbed my hand and we started walking around. "Where to first?" He asked kissing my cheek. "Let's go to hot topic! I need your new merchandise!" He laughed a bit but we started off towards the store. When we walked in 18 by 5sos was on and as I looked through the merch he was signing some stuff and taking selfies with fans. "Hey you ready?" He asked walking up behind me leaning his head ontop of mine. "Yup!" I ended up buying two 5sos shirts, the 5sos hoodie and beanie, some rubber bracelets (ATL my chemical romance, batman, 2 5sos) I also restocked some makeup and some band necklaces and jewelry. "That will be 98$!" The perky clerk said. I handed over my gift card from max and she handed over three bags. She winked at Luke and he kissed my cheek to show he is taken. "She wants me!" He said as we walked out and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my head. "Where do you want to go?" I asked and his face lit up. "Let's go to the guitar store!" He said and I grabbed his hand and he walked towards that store. "Hmmm oh hey Luke! Looking for a new gui- oh who's this?" The store owner said. "Hey john! I am actually looking for a guitar and this lovely girl is my girlfriend summer!" John smiled. "Well hello summer! I'm john! Known the boys since they first came for michaels first acoustic guitar!" This is so cool, in dieing inside! "So do you need an electric or acoustic or electric acoustic?" Luke quickly replied, "electric!" John started walking motioning for us to follow and Luke grabbed my hand and followed. "Aaaah here is one!" John walked out with a gorgeous white guitar with a red wooden neck. "Wow Luke you should get that one!" I said. "Ok I'll take it!" John smiled and nodded, "it's 200 if that's fine!" Luke nodded. "Hey can I pick it up later? Summer and I are gonna walk around more." I smiled resting my head on his shoulder. "Of course! You guys have fun!" As we walked out of the store, "you should come to our sound check and concert tomorrow!" He said as our hands swung as we walked into Forever 21. "I don't have tickets and Lucy and max would have to come." He laughed a bit, "you guys can sit in the stadium during sound check and set up and be back stage during the show!" My eyes lit up, "wow yes that would be awesome!" I hugged him and looked at the crop tops. "You and Michael should re dye your hair! It would be funny to see what the stylist would do! It would be really cool!" I smiled as I picked up some light blue skinny jeans, "wow that would be awesome! Plus I could just be like besties with Michael!" He laughed, "but your mine!" He kissed me, "don't worry Luke your mine to!"

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