Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


16. chapter 10

A/n- hey guyzzz sorry for not updating but here is one hope you love it! And omg 100 faves?!?!! Thankyou so much!

Summers POV

Wow.... Luke hemmings is my boyfriend, and I can call him mine! GAH why am I not fan girding right now? Idk but omg yay! He finally pulled up to Lucy's house... "Don't take long I will miss the sight of your face!" Luke said as he laughed little and I jumped out of the car. I ran through the grass since I only have underwear and a shirt on... "Summer!" Lucy said hugging me as I walked into the door, "you need to give me all the details and why you're wearing what you are!" I laughed as we were walking up to her room. "Actually we need to hurry and get me dressed! Luke is out in his car and he is taking me for coffee! And I am wearing this because this was the only thing Luke had." She laughed a little and started rummaging through her closet for an outfit for me. "Here you are!" She said as she through me some clothes. I ran into the bathroom and through them on, it was white really ripped skinny jeans, a neon light blue crop top and some neon light blue vans. I pulled my still slightly perfect curls into a high ponytail, leaving some front peices out to drape over the side of my face. I removed my makeup and reapplied some. I had winged eyeliner, mascara, and light pink lip stick on. "Ok I'm leaving you!" I said walking down the stairs towards the door. "Ok luv u!!" Lucy said. I ran outside and hopped into the car. "You look gorgeous!" Luke said and I pecked him on the lips before he started driving, "shall it be Starbucks?" I smiled, "yes it shall be!" I said in a proper voice which made us both laugh, I could get used to this, sitting while being happy looking at my dream guy, knowing I will always be happy around him. "We are here darling!" He said in a proper voice pulling into the driveway, we both laughed again. He walked around to my side of the car and grabbed my hand. We were both smiling as we walked into Starbucks and the amazing smell of coffee filled my nose. The place was packed! And there was a few girls wearing 5sos shirts in there, don't mind me mentally preparing for anything. "What do you want?" Luke asked still holding my hand but we were getting closer to the order place thing. "I want an iced Carmel macchiato!" I said, "same here!" He said with a small giggle. "You know I'm surprised some of the girls with the 5sos shirts have not recognized you yet..." I said and he looked over to the table were the girls were at, they were all on there phones laughing bout something. "Oh they will!" We laughed. "Two iced caramel macchiatos please!" Luke said to the barista. "Coming right up!" We walked to the end where we could pick up our drinks. "We should sit in the table next to the girls!" I said and he grinned, "we should! They will be totally happy! And the first to know you're mine!" He said as he kissed my cheek. "Two iced caramel macchiatos!" The barista said as she set them down and we grabbed them and sat at the table across from the girls. They were still on their phones, "so whatcha wanna do today?" Luke said purposely making it loud, if the girls notice they will be so happy! Then it happened one girl looked up for her phone and gasped.... "OMG are you Luke hemmings?!?" She said and the other three looked up and gasped. "Why yes I am!" He said smiling and I smiled at him, the look in the girls faces where priceless. "Who is the girl?" One of the girl asked with a look of eagerness to know me, "this is summer! My girlfriend!" He leaned over and pecked me on the lips and the girls squealed in joy. "OMG why does the fam not know?" Another girl asked. "Because we just made it official!" I said earning a huge smile from Luke. "OMG can we get a picture with both of you???" Wow they want me in the pic? "As long as I get to stand with summer!" Luke said and all the girls nodded with big smiles. We all got in picture and Luke held me close. "OMG thankyou!" A girl said hugging both Luke and me. "Hey could we get a follow from you?" One girl said and they all started bouncing up and down. "Of course!" They told him their twitter names and he followed all of them. "Hey wait are you that girl who got follows from all the embers and band account in like a matter of seconds?" Some girl asked looking at me. "Yeah!" They all squealed and jumped. "You are so lucky!" Luke pecked me on the lips and a girl took a picture. "Luke can I post this pic?" He nodded. How nice of her to ask! "Hey you should retweet it." I whispered into his ear. We were back sitting at our table drinking out drinks. "Amazing idea!" He found the tweet and twitter fucking blew up. And now the world knows he is mine and I am his...

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