Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


1. chapter 1

Summers POV

"She said to me forget what you thought! Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been cau-" Lucy put her hand over my mouth, "would you shut up?" I removed her hand and we both started laughing. "C'mon just cause you think 1 direction is better doesn't mean I can't sing 5sos songs!" I yelled. She kept her eyes glued on the road as she drove though. "SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT STANDING THERE!! IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWEAR!" But as I screamed out the lyrics of SLSP. Lucy cranked up her car radio full blast to *bang bang* by the three girls who sang it. Duh. "OMG I love this song!" Lucy screamed out. "Bang bang into the room!" We screamed in unision. We kept driving down the rode with the music on full blast and all the windows rolled down. We were driving through the back roads of Australia and the warm crisp air flowed through the car causing my lilac dyed hair to blow everywhere. I had one of my arms extended out the window and let my hand roll in the wind. The sky was cloudless and blue. "Are we there yet?" I whined to Lucy, who was tapping her yellow finger nails on the steering wheel as she sang along to *what makes you beautiful* by 1D. "Yeah only like two minutes and we will be at my house!" We just went shopping because it's my 18th birthday and we are going to a club in downtown Sydney. "I'm so excited for tonight! I get to drink for like the first time!" Lucy smirked and added, "legally at least!" We both laughed as she pulled into her driveway. I mean I have been to those high school parties where you get waisted and make out with some stranger! I mean I'm definitely not an 18 yr old virgin! Lucy stopped the car and we grabbed out like 20 shopping bags out of the back. "What time is it you think?" I asked as Lucy searched through her purse for the house key. "Like 2... We are going to the club at 8!" She found the key and unlocked the door and we walked inside. "Hey max!" I said to we brother as we started up the stairs. "Well hellooo summer you're looking like a sexy 18 yr old!" He said as he followed us up to Lucy's room. "Oh fuck off max! If I'm getting layed tonight it's not gonna be with you!" All three of us laughed. Max and I are besties but Lucy and I do the girly things together. "Oh don't worry I don't wanna see your fat ass naked let alone kiss you! But I did get you a gift!" He pulled a box from behind his back and I grabbed it from his hands. I opened it up. "OMG THANK YOU MAX!!" It was a 200$ hot topic gift card! I hugged him and kissed his cheek. "you're welcome summer!" Lucy snickered. "Now get out max! We are gonna do girly things!" Lucy yelled pushing him out of her room. Lucy's 19 and max is my age, 18, I met max first and then Lucy! We've all been besties since. "Ok so what is our plan? Stay together or flirt?" Lucy asked as we layed back on her bed and I pulled out my phone, "I say we stay together until we find someone we like and see what happens!" I was scrolling through my twitter feed and stalking 5sos, of course. "I am in the mood to get layed so that's what I'm gonna try to do!" Lucy said and I started laughing. "Well I'm just in the mood to see what happens so yeah!" I scrolled through some 5sos fan accounts and found a really hot picture of Luke, "damn he's sexy!" I said, "who?" Lucy questioned yanking my phone from my hands, "oooo Luke hemmings yeah I would fuck him def." I grabbed my phone back and we sat and laughed. After that we just went on social media and listened to music singing at the top of our lungs... Then 6 o'clock rolled around. "Im gonna go shower Luce." I said groaning as I peeled my body of her soft bed. "Ok I'm gonna pick out my out fit!" She said as she quickly hopped into her walkin closet.


The bathroom was filled with steam so i decided to just wrap a towel around myself and pick out something to wear while the steam cleared. I opened the bathroom door leading to the hallway and used my free hand to make sure my towel stayed on.... But as I walked out max came running around the corner and literally fell on top of me. So there I was on the floor with max ontop of me as I was in just a fucking towel. His face started getting really red, "oh shit uh sorry summer.." He said getting up and offering his hand to help me up, "it's ok! You've seen me in a towel before!" He ran his finger through his short quaffed brown hair, "yeah but I never fell ontop of you!" True now I know why he feels awkward. "Oh well, I need to go get some actual clothes on sooo yeah bye" I said the last two words really quickly and spun around on my heels and almost ran into Lucy's room. She was sitting in her closet trying on different shoes. "OMG the most awkward thing just happened!" She quickly looked up at me as I replaced my towel with a silk black robe and tied it. "What happened?!?" I walked up to her vanity and started brushing out my long lilac hair. "Well I was walking out of the bathroom, and max came running around the corner-" she interrupted, "you didn't kiss did you?!?" I gave her the evil eyes. "No now let me finish! But as he ran he bumped into me causing me to fall backwards and him to fall right ontop of me..." She popped her head out of her closet with a bright expression on her face. "Your towel did stay on right?" I stood up and walked towards the shopping bags, "yes you horny slut!" We both laughed and i turned on some 5sos and searched for the bag with my stuff in it.

*they get dressed and stuff it's 7:30*

I looked in the mirror. My lilac hair was curled to perfection and it fell naturally down to my chest. My pale face was perfectly complimented with some thick black eyeliner, long fake lashes, some contouring, and nude lip color. I smoothed out my dress... It was a short, tight black dress. It went about mid thigh and was extremely right so it showed of my nice figure. I paired it with some shiny lilac stilettos and around my neck was a lilac choker ribbon necklace (to match my hair), I also readjusted my black lipring and eyebrow peircing. Then Lucy walked into her room and she looked sexy! She pulled her long, straight brown hair into a high ponytail. She had pretty much the same makeup as me minus the eyebrow piercing (she does have a lipring) and had bold red lipstick. Her dress was a strapless, tight red dress that also went about mid thigh. She had on some red high heeled boots and like 50 simple gold ring bracelets in her left arm. "So how do I look?" She asked spinning around. "I would totally fuck you if I was lesbian!" She smiled, "same to you sexy, now let's get going to the club!"

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