The Supernaturals

Five Supernatural females fall for the boys of One Direction, Changing them in the process of falling in love. Forget all you believe because in the following stories what you think is real turns out to be just the opposite.


6. Tink's Sister

My name is Tori. I am a pixie. I know what you're thinking: a tiny, winged creature with a temper twice its size. That's my sister Tink. People wrote a book about her best- human friend that she had a major crush on, but he liked some British girl. I loved how she flipped out. She's my twin. So as you might have guessed, we split out of the same laugh. Tink's long blonde hair blue eyes and short temper is far from what I have. I have short chestnut hair (it's where the style pixie cut came from)  and violet eyes. When Tink met Peter I was jealous, because I wanted a boy to notice me. The other fairies  didn't like me and shunned me because I was a pixie and was good for nothing and wasn't allowed to receive a job to help out the Hallow Tree. I left "home" an lived in the clock tower in London known  as the Big Ben. I was fifteen, since the humans age faster because of their lack of magical blood, and tired of being all allow all of the time. It was the year 2008 and I decided to watch the local talent show: the X-Factor. One boy bought my attention. He was fourteen years old and was an incredible singer. Simon, the meanest person I ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with kicked him off the show. He crime and I did the only thing I could think of: comfort the poor boy. 

"Hey, it's alright," I told him. "You were amazing. That man doesn't know what he is talking about. " "Who are you?" He asked.  I was prepared for this question since I basically appeared out of nowhere. " I'm Tori. I'm a pixie. Have you heard of Tinker Bell?" He nodded. "She's my twin sister." "You're  a pixie? Wow! That's so cool. But Tinker Bell was portrayed as a fairy. What's the difference?" "Well for starters, fairies have jobs. They also have friends. Pixies like me don't have jobs or friends. We are the disgraced outsiders. I have to ask you one thing though." "What is it?" "Can you not tell anyone you met me? I can't have people writing stories about me like they did to Tink." "I won't tell anyone, but I would like you to stay in Wolverhampton with me. It seems you don't like your home." "Sure. I'll go with you. Just give me five minutes. I need to transform into a human (only pixies can do this. Haha stupid uncool fairies. )and grab a bag. " "Okay. I'm Liam by the way." I flew up to the clock tower as fast as I could and collected my belongings. I flew back down past Liam and into a bathroom where I transformed. I walked out of the bathroom and Liam was astonished. "Wow Tori. You look gorgeous. " I blushed gratefully. "Let's get going to Wolverhampton."
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