The Supernaturals

Five Supernatural females fall for the boys of One Direction, Changing them in the process of falling in love. Forget all you believe because in the following stories what you think is real turns out to be just the opposite.


3. Niall’s Leprechaun

As Niall grew up in Ireland without me, I saw that he grew up, but never forgot me as I hoped he would. He took my note with him everywhere, and when he cried every time he read it, it hurt me. I became a full American eating the iconic fried Oreos and pumpkin pie as well as playing softball. When Niall was sixteen, he tried out for the X-Factor. I was in school, and got an extremely painful headache which was the tell that I was receiving a vision. I asked to be excused to the lavatory, and my Chemistry teacher wrote me a pass. I barely got to the lavatory before my vision started coming. I watched Niall sing his audition song, and was in tears by the end of it. His song was absolutely beautiful. When the critical judge’s point came, I felt his nervousness. All of the pressure was on Katy Perry to see if my little Irishman would make it and she said the final “Yes” to get Niall into the boot camp. I got back to Chemistry class in time to receive my homework before the dismissal bell rang. When I got home, I asked my “mom” if I could go work for the X- Factor. My American mother was actually one of my cousins that got banned from Mullingar a few years before me, so she knew my connection with Niall, and let me go to work as a kitchen hand.

On Christmas Eve, I was asked to cook the meal, so I cooked the food I knew best, Irish delectables. I made Dublin Coddle (sausage, bacon, onion, and potato hotpot), Irish Soda Bread, Steak and Guinness pie, and hot chocolate. For dessert, I made an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, a chocolate crème pie, and Guinness cupcakes with a Bailey’s and Jameson frosting. Niall was sitting at the counter tasting the food I made to make sure I got it just right. Because I was going into my history, my hair started changing color.

“Why is your hair getting redder?” Niall asked.

“Because of the artificial lighting,” I lied quickly. I was afraid to tell him the real answer let alone that I was his Bebhan, but I had to suck up my fear and tell him.

“What’s your name? And how old are you? You look seventeen.”

“Aye, Niall, I’m seventeen. My name is Erin Flaherty. When I was adopted, my adoptive father couldn’t pronounce Bebhan, so I changed my name to that of my beloved country. I hope to return home someday.” I said.

“B-B- Bebhan?” Niall asked. “Where were you born?” As I was about to answer, the oven beeped, saying dinner was done.

“Niall, could we have this conversation later? I have to feed your house mates.”

“Sure. I guess.” He sounded a little disappointed, but I knew as soon as he started eating, he would be happier.

I served dinner, and I could sense that it was the best food they have ever eaten. As a Leprechaun gets older, we become specialized in our power, because you get trained, but I never got trained, so my new powers are all over the place. But all of my powers lead to people pleasing. I could sense when people are happy, I was an excellent chef, I can do hair and makeup, and I had a power that allowed me to fix things. Maybe, if they got a record deal, I could do their hair and makeup, so I could be with my Niall. After dinner, Niall came up to me again.

“Bebhan- er- Erin- er sorry will you take a walk with me?”

“Yeah, and Niall, you can call me Bebhan. Let me just get a jacket.” I ran to my room and got my winter jacket and ran back to the kitchen. We left through the back door and walked down to a park and sat on the swings.

“Bebhan, where were you born?”

“Mullingar, why?”

“M-Mullingar, because that’s where I grew up. When did you leave?”

“When I was about eight or nine. I had a best friend but I doubt he remembers me. I broke his heart with a letter because my parents disowned me.” Even though I knew he remembered me, I didn't want him to think I was stalking him, so I played it cool.

“My best friend left me on my eighth birthday. We never got to say goodbye, but she left me a note that I carry around with me everywhere with a picture of us when we were little.” He pulled out the picture and the photo.

“Nialler, it’s me.”

“Bevy, oh my God, Bevy! I can’t believe I found you again.” he gave me a gigantic hug.” I love you don't ever leave me again.”

“Nialler I don’t think I’ll be able to. I love you and always have.” I told him everything that has happened since he was born. All Irish people thought Leprechauns were blarney, and when I told him what I was, he thought I was joking. To prove it to him, I transformed in front of him.

“Bebhan, I am sorry I doubted you. I love you with all my heart, and you have stolen my heart. I would like to ask you if you don't mind keeping my heart safe, will you be my girlfriend.”

“I would love the honor of keeping your heart safe,” he leaned in, and we kissed, we were in a blissful moment. After the X- Factor tour, Niall and I begged my father to change his mind, and he did. We became the heirs to the throne, but while we were human, we remained boyfriend and girlfriend and he became a member of a very popular boy-band known today as One Direction.

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