The Supernaturals

Five Supernatural females fall for the boys of One Direction, Changing them in the process of falling in love. Forget all you believe because in the following stories what you think is real turns out to be just the opposite.


2. Niall’s Leprechaun

It all started on September 13, 1993. I was a young Leprechaun only 100 years old. (Leprechauns age faster than humans, so I was about six months in Human years.) I was playing in the clover brush by a Hospital in Mullingar, when I heard a cry. I scaled the wall until I came to a window where a mother was holding her new born baby boy. He was a Human and I could see that he was going to do something great. Before I left, I heard the Child’s mother say “His name is Niall, Niall James Horan.” That was when my world changed forever.

            My name is- well was- Bebhan when I was a Leprechaun in Mullingar, but when I was a Human in America, my name became Erin. Seeing as I am a Leprechaun I have special abilities or magical powers. I have the ability to see the future, charm people, transform into any educated creature (the easiest is a human), and change my voice to mimic any dialect or accent. When I am in human form, I can only fall in love if he is a Leprechaun or I become full human. My human form is 5'9" with sea-foam green eyes with slight hints of blue in them, shoulder length strawberry- blonde hair, and freckles across my nose. However, when I am in my leprechaun form, I am 2'3" with electric blue eyes and fiery red hair. I am 2100 years old now turning 2200 in a few months. I am basically 22 for all intents and purposes.

            Leprechauns are normally supposed to stay away from hospitals, because when they hear a newborn’s first cry, they become determined to protect that child. Another reason is that if we see the child and hear his or her name, then we become bonded so strongly that nothing can separate them. I was a headstrong and mischievous young girl; the Princess of the Mullingar Leprechauns. Each city in Ireland has its own branch of Leprechauns, so that the people can be protected in times of struggle. At the time Niall was born, the Mullingar tribe was the second largest only after Dublin, and I was betrothed to marry the prince of Dublin who was quite rude and sarcastic with a terrible sense of humor, so I tried to break the rules to get out of the engagement.

            I didn’t know that the band between Humans and Leprechauns was so strong until it hurt to be away from Niall. Everyday I would travel to his dwelling and watch him, making sure he was okay. As he grew older, we became the best of friends. When my father found out, he was furious. He sent me off, banning me from Mullingar as a leprechaun. I was immediately transformed into a human, never to see my parents again. Before I left, however, I had just enough time to send Niall a letter. It shattered my heart, and I knew he would be devastated. The note read:

To my dearest and best friend Niall,

I am so terribly sorry to leave you like this. I have never meant to hurt you like I am about to. As I write this letter, my heart breaks for you and I seal my heart in this letter to you. I have moved to another country, but I can’t tell you where. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. If you hate me for the rest of your life I understand, but remember this: no matter what I will never forget you. Keep my heart safe, and don’t waste your life trying to find me. Happy eighth Birthday.

I love you Nialler,


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