The Supernaturals

Five Supernatural females fall for the boys of One Direction, Changing them in the process of falling in love. Forget all you believe because in the following stories what you think is real turns out to be just the opposite.


4. His Angel

Some people don’t believe in heaven. They don’t believe in the supernatural creatures known as angels. That’s why I’m here. I am an undercover angel for God to urge people to return to God. I help them find their way in this huge world they call home. I live like a normal human, although there are some perks to being an angel. I am “born” at age ten and grow old and die, but I am always reborn again. This has gone on for a few hundred years. My job on this era was to steer young boys in danger of falling to Satan to the light of the LORD. In the year 2004, I was assigned to a ten year-old boy by the name of Harold Edward Styles. I was reborn into Holmes Chapel, but we, me and my “dad” Gabriel, had to make it inconspicuous, so we pretended to be American. I was sent to a school with a boy named Harold Edward Styles. My birth name was Margaret Abigail Rose Edison, but to not arouse suspicion I use the name Elizabeth Claire Monroe, with a name that general, no one who shouldn't remember me doesn't. At school, I kept a close eye on Harold. To fit in a as regular student, I made friends with a really nice group of girls. When everyone changed schools to go to junior high, Harold and I went to St. John of the Cross Catholic School, JCC for short. On the first day of Junior High, I walked into the office to get my schedule, when I bumped into the one and only Harold Styles. “Hey, Harold,” I greeted him. He looked at me, pondering who I was. Then the light bulb went off. “Oh, hey. Liz Monroe, right?” he questioned. “I didn't know you went here. I thought you would have gotten into some prep school for free.” “Yeah, and I did, I just chose to come here to learn about the good lord, Christ our Savior,” I told him. “Why did you choose to attend this fine establishment?” “My mother thought I would… how did she put it?... oh yeah ‘blossom like a beautiful flower into something more becoming of myself.’” “That’s cool. Can I see your schedule?” I asked him, He handed it over. His schedule was as follows: Period 1: Algebra II room 200 Period 2: English room 106 Period 3: History room 203 Period 4: Science room III Period 5: PE/ Health building 4 Period 6: lunch in café Period 7: Intro to Art building 5 Period 8: Religion room 204 Period 9: Music building 5 “We have the same classes, Harold” I tell him. “ Nice, we could like help each other out in these classes then.” He says “That would be awesome!” I respond. “ I have to run to my locker before class. If you get there before me, save me a seat!” I tell him “ Alright Liz,” he says. I turn to leave, but he stops me by saying, “oh, and Liz can you call me harry? I am only called Harold when I am in trouble with my grandmother.” “ sure, no problem,” I say as I walk away. The day flew by quickly, Harry and I being practically inseparable the entire day. Harry’s best subjects English, Gym, and Music. My best classes were Math Religion and Science. At the end of the day, Harry met me by my locker, and we headed to the door. “Do you want to come to my house for dinner so we can work on homework together this evening?” Harry asked me. “Yeah, sure. My dad will drive us.” I told Harry since my father was waiting by the front door in his 1979 White Chevy Convertible. I allowed Harry to sit passenger while I sat in the back. “ Hey, Daddy, this is Harry. Can I go over his house for supper and homework?” I asked my father.
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