A Wallflower in the shadows

Sarah Drewson is a 17 year old girl who is quiet and sits alone in the shadows and lives a quite life. She lives on a farm in Australia and dances every single day in the paddocks, she sings to every song and her only wish in life is to build up enough confidence to make friends and fall in love ❤️ will she build enough confidence or will she fall. Again. Find out when her past comes to light in "A Wallflower In The Shadows"


3. The Tour

Have you met Chris yet Sarah?”
My mother said while gesturing in his direction.
“Yes I have. He is in my year.”
I said while glancing over to him and he gave me another smile of his. This one was cheeky. It was all teeth and he had his eyes screwed up so he looked like a 5 year old kid when they joke around.
“How about you give Chris a tour of the place?”
I was shocked but not that surprised that she said that. She obviously wasn’t worried anything would happen, because she knows how I despise popular boys.
“Property or house?”
I ask hoping she would say ‘don’t worry about it, it will be fine, you don’t have to’ and you and I both know that, that wont happen.
Mum said with a smile on her face. To everyone else it was a look of ‘be neighborly’ to me it was ‘haha I got you dragged into socializing’. Thanks mum.
“Ok, sure. Let’s go Chris.”
I said gesturing to the front door. He got up and, still with a smile on his face he walked in front of me and opened the door.
“Ladies first.”
I walked out the door and he followed.
“Thankyou Christopher.”
I said as he walked out the door and closed it after him.
“You’re welcome Sarah.”
We both just stood there and smiled at each other.
“I should get to showing you around.”
I said while still looking into his eyes. He smiled back.
“yeah, sure.”
I walk to the shed across from the house and open the shed to the right of the car port, and get out the four wheeler. I love that thing. I have a ‘grizzly’ it is so much fun, it goes so fast!
“are you driving?”
he asked as he pushed the roller door to the shed open.
“Yeah. Is that ok?”
“Yeah that’s fine. You get on first and I'll get on after.”
So I got on and stood up so he could get on easier. Once I sat down, I started the bike and put it into reverse and back out of the shed. Once the bike was out, I put it in gear and off we went. When we took off Jakob grabbed my waist and when he let go after the first couple of seconds, my skin could still feel the heat of his hands on my body.
We first went to the hay shed and the machinery shed.
“so on the right is where we keep the hay. The round bales on the right and the square ones on the left in the shed. This shed is where we keep all of our machinery. So our tractor, trailers and as you can see, our boat. On the left side in the paddock is where our yards are, up against the fence. Dad has a campdraft arena where he practices with his horses.”
I was talking about everything and didn’t know what to do because he was sitting there, behind me with his legs against mine. So basically I couldn’t focus because I was nervous. I turned the four wheeler around and went to the gate for this paddock, I opened the gate and drive through.
“why are we going this way?”
“because I'll take you around the perimeter.”
“ok, sounds good.”
I get back off the bike to shut the gate. I shut the gate and get back on and start driving.
“you have a very nice place out here.”
I do a quick turn around, because, you know, I'm driving.
“thankyou. I’ve lived here since I was 5.”
“what animals do you have?”
I turn a bit so he could hear what I was saying.
“I have, 4 horses, 5 chickens, 1 dog, and about 60 head of cattle, and we have more cattle on other properties. That’s just what we have on here.”
He didn’t say anything for a second and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
“wow, that’s a lot of animals.”
“kinda but it’s all good, they are a lot easier than you think to look after.”
“I'm sure they are.”
We reached the very back paddock and you could barely see the house.
“oh yeah, we have a train track at the back of our property.”
The train track isn’t IN our paddock. Its on the other side. Between 2 properties.
I stopped the bike.
“why did we stop?”
“I thought we could walk around for a while.”
“ok, sounds good.”
We both got off the bike and started walking around. We got to the dead tree and just sat at the foot of it.
“were you just talking to me today because you knew we would be neighbors?”
he just laughed.
“no, I had no idea who they were going to be. So I sat in the car on my phone.”
I just laughed in return.
“ok, sorry.”
“why did you wanna know?”
I didn’t answer for a second.
“because I’ve never spoken to you before and you talked to me today and now you’re my neighbor. Seems a bit weird.”
“well. I didn’t know who my new neighbors were. I only went because, one, my family made me, and 2 I wasn’t sure if there was a cute girl there or not.”
I laughed
“nothing. Don’t worry. What did you think when you found out it was me?”
“well I haven’t been to my neighbors on the other side yet.”
He said with the most cheeky tone ever.
“oh I see how it is.”
I said sticking my tongue out at him.
“well I'm glad that it was you.”
He sat closer to me.
“how so?”
I ask, getting so nervous, I'm almost speechless.
“because I think you’re beautiful.”
Ok, now I'm speechless. I sit there looking into his eyes and smile trying to speak but no words are coming out.
“I-I-I-I um, thankyou. You are pretty good looking yourself you know? Well you wouldn’t be Mr. popular other wise.”
He laughed and brushed the hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear and put his forehead against mine while he kept his hand there. It looked like he was going to kiss me. but I couldn’t do that. I don’t know him yet.
“we better get going.”
I said to him with so much regret.
“yeah ok.”
He said with a saddened tone to his voice. He was half way standing when I pulled him back down and put my hand on his cheek and pulled him closer to me.
“the only reason why I didn’t let you kiss me is because I’ve never been kissed before.”
There was a pause between us for a brief moment.
“and I don’t really know you well enough to let you. For all I know, you could be a stalker and a creep so I'm not going to risk it.”
We both just laughed and he stood up and helped me up by the hand and we just held hands as we walked to the bike to go back.
“So, compromise, you wont let me kiss you, yet. So I'll take you out on a bunch of dates so you get to know me better. Then I get that kiss?”
I laughed at him.
“ok, deal.”
We got to the bike and I started riding back to the house. Once we reached the house I saw his parents at the car talking with my parents.
“great timing Chris.”
I laughed at mum as I shut the shed and locked it.
“so, what did you two get up to on the ride?”
Laura said to us with a cheeky smile like she knew something happened.
“I just drove around and stopped for a bit and we just walked around talking.”
Dad had a look of relief on his face. Even if he did kiss me, it’s not like I would of said anything, like ‘hey guys, by the way this guy here, who I barely know, kissed me and I loved it!’ well I'm presuming I'll love it, but I wont go saying that.
“that sounded fun. Well we better get going then.”
David said gesturing to there car.
“we’ll see you soon then.”
Mum replied.
I spoke up just as they were moving to there car.
“if you need help tomorrow unpacking, I could help you for a couple of hours if that’s ok with you guys?”
they turned back to me and looked at each other.
“yeah that sounds like a great idea, thankyou.”
Laura said to me with astonishment. If I thought that was funny. You should see the look on my parents faces. I never offer things like that to anyone unless they ask me to do it.
“that’s all right. See you tomorrow.”
I said to the 3 of them with a smile on my face.
They drove off and I turned around to see my parents faces, their mouths were open so wide, they were jumbo fly catchers.
“you never offer those kind of things. Are you feeling ok? You’re not sick are you?”
I looked at mum and smiled.
“no, I'm not. don’t worry, it’s all good.”
She looked at me and realised what was going on.
“you like him don’t you?”
she said smiling like a child on Christmas.
“oh that’s wonderful! I knew something was up”
I nudged her and we went inside. I straight away ran upstairs to tell Taylor what happened.


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