A Wallflower in the shadows

Sarah Drewson is a 17 year old girl who is quiet and sits alone in the shadows and lives a quite life. She lives on a farm in Australia and dances every single day in the paddocks, she sings to every song and her only wish in life is to build up enough confidence to make friends and fall in love ❤️ will she build enough confidence or will she fall. Again. Find out when her past comes to light in "A Wallflower In The Shadows"


2. Sister talks. With a surprise.

“You what?!”
Taylor yells at the top of her lungs. Lucky no one else is in the house to hear. It just a bonus we live on a property on a hill away from other houses and the road.
“Shhhhh!” it wasn't going to make any difference because no one is home. And Taylor is still rambling on about me liking Chris.
“Just shut up will you?”
“When did this happen?”
I looked at her and smiled. She had shut her rambling up, finally.
“Well I went to put my bag and folder down and go to the canteen at lunch and he was standing in my spot and I didn't see him in the shadows until  he said hey and we just talked and laughed for a while.”
I said while I sat cross legged on my bed.
“Jess didn't see you?”
I looked down.
“Well yeah she did. That’s when we stopped talking. She interrupted.”
“I hope you know this means he likes you!”
“Fuck off. No he doesn't, I'm a wallflower and he is a star in the spotlight.”
“Oh whatever, you wish he was yours! Super cheesy by the way”
“It could just be a crush like you or it could be his surprisingly hypnotizing looks. Shut up, it made sence.”
That made her and I laugh. My sister and I are best friends. She the only friend I have and if I lost her, I would have my mum. Yes, my second closest friend is my mother. That’s how sad my life is. But at least I have a trusting relationship with my mother unlike other families which is sad really.
“This is exciting. He doesn't even look at girls in my year. And he talks to you.”
“Gee thanks Tay, that makes me feel so much better”
“you know that’s not what I meant!”
“I know, but it was only one time. It’s not like he wants to talk everyday.”
“Well that’s debatable. What did he say?”
I paused for a bit, thinking about what he said and then I realised what he actually said.
“When Jess came and interrupted us. She walked off after she called him to follow like usual. He lent down and said ‘I'm not sure who you are. How about you introduce me?’ yeah cause earlier I asked him if he knew who I was and he didn't answer until he left.”
And there was a scream.
“Taylor! Shut up!”
She quit her screaming and jumping around.
“I'm sorry but this is to good! I can’t believe he said that to you!”
“Well believe it because it’s true. It’s not like he meant it. He was obviously just joking around.”
Taylor quite her jumping and screaming and just looked at me.
“What? What’d I say?”
She walked up to me and shook me by the shoulders.
“You are kidding me! he likes you, get your smart skull around that. You are so lucky. He never gave me a second look when I attempted to speak to him, finally worked up enough courage and didn't even get a look at from him!”
“Are you serious right now?”
I roll my eyes at her and laugh.
“Don’t worry.”
Out of no where the bell rings. So I jump off the bed the go and see who it was. I open the door and it’s a lady and a man with the biggest grin on their faces. I hope they’re not here to sell us something.
“Hi we’re the Waters. I'm Laura and this is David. We just moved into the house down the road. Is your parents home?”
“Hi I'm Sarah. And I have a sister Taylor. Our parents aren't home at the moment, sorry. I'll tell them you called and we might come on over later if they think it’s OK.”
I say to them with a smile on my face, shaking their hands trying to be neighbourly.
“What school do you go to?”
David gave me a puzzling look
I looked at them because they gave me the look of ‘I know you, but where from?’ look.
“I go to St. Paul’s here in town. Why?”
they looked at each other and smiled.
“Our son is in year 11, well 12 now because the year 12's are doing their HSC at the moment. I recognize you from the year books. You’re in his year too aren't you?”
When Laura told me this. I must of went white because I realized who they were and what they meant.
“Oh my god, you’re Chris’ parents!”
“Yes we are! Do you know him?”
Laura said to me looking thrilled that I knew who their son was.
I looked passed them and there he was. Sitting in the car. Chris Waters. At my house (well in his car, but that’s beside the point).
“Yes I do. He does agriculture and I went and took some photo’s up at the Ag farm last period and was in class at that time and I got a couple of good photo’s with him in it.”
I laughed hoping that it wasn't to stalkerish if me.
“That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you like photography?”
They didn't even mention the other half of what I said. I must not sounded that bad.
“Yes I do, I'm doing photography for my HSC”
“Wow. Good luck with your HSC by the way.”
“thankyou very much.”
Just then I could hear a car coming up the driveway. It must be my parents. They both work out at the mine. They go to and from work together. I find it cute that they are in the same work place. That’s how they met. Quite cute huh?
“That would be my parents now.”
“Oh that’s wonderful. What are their names?”
“Zac and Jaime Waters”
“They are lovely names.”
My parents got out of the car and introduced themselves and invited them inside. I ran inside and upstairs because I knew that they were inviting Jakob too.
“Taylor. Don’t scream because we have guests and mum and dad are now home.”
“um, OK?”
“no, I meant because I had news. But that’s still a good idea especially when you find out this.”
she was so excited that I had news, she looked up at me with anticipation.
“we have a new neighbour.”
She looked disappointed.
“that’s not so exciting.”
“oh really? So you don’t care about the fact that Chris and his parents are downstairs because they are now our new neighbours and he is probably in our house?”
her face went white as her shirt.
“oh my god. No way!”
“Shhhhh. Don’t let them hear you.”
“sorry. I'll go down and say hi, but I don’t want to stay because I will make a fool of myself.”
She lowered her head like she was disappointed with herself for something she didn’t even do.
“oh, you’ll be fine.”
She gets off her phone, and my bed, and she goes and get changed out of her uniform as do I, so we don’t look strange still in the uniform. I have on my jeans and my grey singlet and my black and grey flannel shirt that I left open and rolled up the sleeves. Taylor was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a floral loose singlet top. Then we make our way downstairs.
“this is Taylor. My sister that I mentioned earlier.”
I pointed out to David and Laura.
“Nice to meet you Taylor.”
They both said while shaking her hand.
“We were just telling your parents how polite you are Sarah.”
Laura said while she looked at my mother.
“I told her how absurd that was.”
My mother was joking around like she always does.
“Hey! I'm not that bad.”
“You are the biggest bogen in the house Sarah.”
My dad said from the kitchen. God, their embarrassing me! oh well, I don’t get embarrassed easily.
“Doesn't mean I can’t have polite manners to neighbours.”
“We’re only joking love.”
Mum said with a laugh
“I know.”
I said while smiling.
“Have you met Chris yet Sarah?”


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