A Wallflower in the shadows

Sarah Drewson is a 17 year old girl who is quiet and sits alone in the shadows and lives a quite life. She lives on a farm in Australia and dances every single day in the paddocks, she sings to every song and her only wish in life is to build up enough confidence to make friends and fall in love ❤️ will she build enough confidence or will she fall. Again. Find out when her past comes to light in "A Wallflower In The Shadows"


1. Introduce me

I spin around to see who was talking to me, and to my surprise it was a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed boy, by the name of Chris, who goes to my school and I’ve never spoke to before, but he was lurking in the shadows of the building with his hands in his pocket and one foot on the wall, trying not to be seen. In the spot where I sit each day.
To be fair he sits with the popular kids and I just sit in that corner and observe everything that happens in our school. So I'm usually the one in the shadows. I put my bag down, and realise that his bag is next to him.
I'm a little taken back and confused about the fact that he is talking to me. I mean, come on, he is like the hottest guy in our school. All the girls drool over him, literally, and I find that quite disgusting.
“What’s wrong?”
He said in his deep husky voice as he merged out of the shadows of the bricks, like a wolf hunting his prey, but instead being a vicious wolf, he is more of a deer in the herd if this jungle school, talking to me.
“I'm just a little surprised that you’re talking to me. That’s all. Do you even know who I am?”
he laughed which made me giggle. He has an amazing laugh. I take a step closer to him and the shadows, because I hate being out in the open.
“Why? I'm just a person. I'm just like you.”
“Uh, no, you’re not. Well I mean of course you’re a person, but you’re not like me. I'm a girl who hides in the shadows and you are out in the spotlight with girls falling at your feet. Not to mention your ex, Jess, she is still possessive over you. For instance, I can tell that she can see you and is glaring at us talking. And you didn’t answer my question.”
 He looks around and laughs.
“Wow, you either follow me around, or just really good.”
“The perks of being a wallflower. And no, I don’t follow you around. I just sit in the corner and observe everyone. It’s like a jungle out there, when you just sit back and watch everything unfold.”
Chris looks back down at me, because he is freakishly tall, like 6 foot 3, I don’t know, directly into my eyes and gives me a half smile which would make any girl melt, including me.
“I should try that some time.”
It took me some time to answer, because the way he looked at me was heart racing gorgeous.
“No offence, but you couldn’t do that for a day, let alone the rest of year 12”
“What makes you say that?”
“You are ‘Mister Popular’. And your ex is on her way over, I can feel her angry vibes getting closer”
We both laugh because we know it’s true. And I know that it pissed Jess off even more.
I can feel Jess’ hot breath on the back of my neck in no time.
“Hi Chris, who’s this?”
I spin around letting my long, naturally straight, strawberry blond hair spin as I moved.
“I'm Sarah Drewson. I'm in your math class.”
I say gritting my teeth and flicking my side fringe out of the way. She looked at me and gave me a puzzling look.
“You are? Wow, you must be a nobody then.” She laughs at her own pathetic joke.
“Well then, Sandy, why don’t you leave Chris alone? I'm sure he doesn’t want to be bothered by a nobody.”
“my name is Sarah. Not Sandy.”
She looks pissed because I corrected her.
And with that, she walks off with her tiny frame delicately but ferociously whisking around the playground.
I turn around to Chris gritting my teeth even harder and he just gives me a sad half smile and walks passed and whispers to me.
“I'm not sure who you are. How about you introduce me?”
He giggled and I felt his breath pass my ear and I knew he was smiling which made me smile.
“Come on Chris! We don’t have all day.”
He hurried up to Jess like the little puppy dog he is, because he still lets her boss him around, like always.
On the way to the canteen for lunch I find myself smiling and I didn’t realise why, until I realised I thought had feelings for Chris. I’ve never had a boyfriend, let alone liked a guy before. I'm not gay, it’s just I’ve seen how much of a prick guys can get and I just never liked them because of that. I hated Chris all of high school because I thought he was a jerk and letting populatiry go to his head. I still thought he was attractive like the rest of the female population thought. But they were practically in love with his looks and not him. But after just then, I think I have a crush on Chris. But I'm not sure weather it was his good looks or, him; that’s what was bothering me so much.
I get to the canteen and realise that I'm still smiling from him. I look up to see how long the line was. It was huge. But I still lined up waited. I didn’t mind because he was about 3 people in front of me in the senior line. I could see him because he is so tall. I just stared at the back of his head, pondering the reason why I like him. Do I even like him? Or is it just another little girl crush like the rest of the girls in our school has for him?
He was at the front of the line when I realised I was nearly there. he ordered his food and went to walk off, and I was just staring into space in front of me, I glance over because I had a feeling someone was watching me and see him looking at me and smiled when I looked over, and me being polite, I smiled back, but it felt more genuine rather than polite.
Once I ordered my food and went back to where I sat, I opened my cheese and bacon roll carefully because it was hot, and begin to eat while I observed. It was the same as every time. Jess was bossing everyone around and everyone was taking it. The nerds were doing homework, the geeks were obeying Jess. She looked like a queen sitting on her throne when she sat on the table with the others siting on the seats for the table. It is so bizarre to see a true queen of the school, it was like she was in a movie. It looked a lot like that. For the rest of lunch I got out my art book and started sketching.
Out of no where the bell for 5th period went and I packed up my stuff, grab my folder and put my rubbish in the bin and headed off to math.
I took my usual place, up the back in the corner. A spot where I can see the board and still check out what’s going on in the class. I put down my bag and get my pencil case and get my math book out of my folder. I open up to the freshest page and look up to write down the heading and I see Jess standing in front of my desk and I jump at the sight of her because she was so close to me and the only other person in the room besides Mr. Lane. And just scares the crap outta me in general.
“So you are in my math class. I'll be keeping an eye on you.”
In a softer voice she puts her hands on my desk and leaned closer.
“A nobody like you doesn’t talk to a somebody like Chris ok? Do you see the girls he talks to? Girls like me, not girls like you.”
She walked off to her seat and for the rest of the period I thought weather or not he was talking to me by chance or he really wanted to talk to me.
In no time the bell went, once again, and snapped me out of my little daydream. Final period for the day, Art.
I'm packing my stuff up as quick as I can so I can get out of there. In art there is only 8 people in my class and like the rest of my subjects, I top art. Ok, I admit it, I'm a little bit of a nerd. At the moment we’re planing our major works for next year in the HSC (Higher School Certificate). I have chosen photography, it enables you to intemperate your own meaning, well all of art lets you do that, but I find it easier to portray in photography.
We get quick into the prac lesson and I'm doing agriculture. I also forgot to mention. I'm an Ag fag. I'm also on the school’s cattle team. it’s a lot like equestrian (horses) but with cattle, and no, we don’t ride them, we lead them around showing there quality for breeding and eating, like large dogs (except the eating bit cause you know, ew). I walk up to the Ag farm to take some photo’s of the Ag plot and the students for my assessment. I look up and see Chris and his Ag class breaking in the cattle. I could see the veins on his muscle filled arms because he rolled up his shirt cause it was getting hot and he had a farmers tan too. Now that turned me on! I'm sorry, but it did. A guy in his Akubra (cowboy hat), wrangler jeans, farm boots and rolled up long sleeved shirts, just turn me on!
His secret is out. He’s an Ag fag too. I did not see that coming. Taking photos at the Ag farm is the best way to end a Friday of school.
By the end of the day so much had changed. I think I have a crush on the hottest guy in the school. He spoke to me. I think I have an enemy, Jess. And I got a lot of good photo’s at the Ag farm to put the cherry on top.
I get on the bus and save a seat for my sister Taylor. She is in the year below me in school and, like the rest of the girls as I have mentioned, she has a crush on Chris.
“Hey sis! Have a good day? You’re smiling for a change.”
I turn to her, away from the window and remove my bag so she could sit down.
“I have something to tell you when we get home.”
“Ok. What is it?”
“I can’t tell you until we get home”


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