One Big Secret.

Arile Fisher.
Let's describe her in Sim traits, shall we?

Grumpy, oh no doubt especially when she doesn't get her Ice-coffee from McDonald's.

Loner, while her two older siblings are party goers, she sits in her room, staring at her computer screen, which is almost always on Tumblr.
Clumsy, you know sponge bob's cousin? Yeah, thats her.

Loser, the only thing she can win is "how fast can you eat your dinner?"
which of course isn't a bad thing, to some people.
And finally, bookworm. You can always find her nose in a book, or on her phone reading a book.

Now, let's to the point.
Arile has a secret, a BIG secret.

I'm talking mumbo-jumbo drink size's at the State Fair.

Behind the bookshelf in her room, is a secret passage-way.
Oh yeah, the whole Nancy Drew package right here.

Now in that secret room is
a big machine.

Not what you were expecting right?

Well guess what?
That machine is a time machine.


7. Chapter 7: Dark Day

Hey guys, big-ish intro here.
Anyways, I'm so so so sorry for not updating maybe for three or two months.
There isn't any excuses except for school.

Now before we get back to the story (finally) I have a little warning.

The last scene a man from the 1700s appeared. I don't know that much about the 1500s so bear with me.

That being said if you want to correct me if I make a mistake PLEASE DO. 

I'll try my best so I'm not giving you nothing.

🎵Arile's P.O.V🎵 

I stare at the strangely clothed man in aghast.


"I'm from the 1700s love." 

His words from before echo across my mind.

"I-I'm sorry, what do you mean?" I sputter out my words still in shock.

His loud sigh bounces off the walls. 

"What of I'm from the 1700s don't you get?" 

He raises his hands mockingly in the air.

"I mean isn't it grand?" His British accent profound. 

"Me of all the people gets chosen to time travel forward into time, to meet you-" 

pointing his tanned finger to me, he continues sarcastically.

"Of all people, to come back with me into the 1700s and solve the mystery of New England's Dark Day."

I, flustered ask.

"Wasn't it caused by massive forest fires?" 

Irritated, he narrows his smoky eyes at me and I gulp nervously. 

"Most likely, yes, but you say it was caused by massive forest fires."

"There are controlled fires, The Dark Day wasn't caused by a lunar or solar eclipse."

The burly man moves closer to my face and whispers.

"Someone intentionally set off massive forest fires out of rage or just because." 

I stare into his eyes to find any emotion.



"What does any of this have to do with me?" 

"You're the one who's going to make sure it never happens." 


ok Lmao

once again so so so sorry for not updating for like 84 years

anyways i looked up England mystery's in the 1700s and found this didly dang do


thanks bye lovely's 


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