One Big Secret.

Arile Fisher.
Let's describe her in Sim traits, shall we?

Grumpy, oh no doubt especially when she doesn't get her Ice-coffee from McDonald's.

Loner, while her two older siblings are party goers, she sits in her room, staring at her computer screen, which is almost always on Tumblr.
Clumsy, you know sponge bob's cousin? Yeah, thats her.

Loser, the only thing she can win is "how fast can you eat your dinner?"
which of course isn't a bad thing, to some people.
And finally, bookworm. You can always find her nose in a book, or on her phone reading a book.

Now, let's to the point.
Arile has a secret, a BIG secret.

I'm talking mumbo-jumbo drink size's at the State Fair.

Behind the bookshelf in her room, is a secret passage-way.
Oh yeah, the whole Nancy Drew package right here.

Now in that secret room is
a big machine.

Not what you were expecting right?

Well guess what?
That machine is a time machine.


6. Chapter 6: A Bump In The Night.

🎵Arile's P.O.V🎵 


I open my eyes to my pitch black room. 
I rub my eyes as I sit up. 
I reach over to my nightstand to check the time. 

3:43 AM 

"Did I really sleep for that long?" I mumbled still tired. 


I quickly turn my head to the direction the sudden noise came from. 
gulping nervously I slowly put my feet on the cold hard wooden floor. 

shuffling across the room, I make my way to light switch to flick it on.



My yelp echoes across my bedroom as I come face to face with the floor. 
I groan and rub my throbbing head. 

I look to my right and see a bush of brown curls lying next to me. 
I hesitatingly reach out to touch the stranger's curls. 

I hear a groan from the body occupying the brown curls. 
I quickly jump back and stand up. 

"Hey.." I say with a quiet voice. 
I cough, "Hey!" I yell my voice getting louder and stronger. 

"Could you shud' up?" The body with a British accent slurs. 

"Um, do you think you could tell me what you're doing in my house?" I interrogate the stranger. 

The stranger is obviously drunk, I can tell by the way he tries to get up. 
He eyes my outfit and squints. 
"My, the times have sure changed." He shakes his head and chuckles. 

I furrow my brows, "Huh?" 

He sighs. 
"I'm from the 1700's love." 


this is short sorry
dont be a slient reader !!1!
thanks for reading [[[;
bye <3


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