One Big Secret.

Arile Fisher.
Let's describe her in Sim traits, shall we?

Grumpy, oh no doubt especially when she doesn't get her Ice-coffee from McDonald's.

Loner, while her two older siblings are party goers, she sits in her room, staring at her computer screen, which is almost always on Tumblr.
Clumsy, you know sponge bob's cousin? Yeah, thats her.

Loser, the only thing she can win is "how fast can you eat your dinner?"
which of course isn't a bad thing, to some people.
And finally, bookworm. You can always find her nose in a book, or on her phone reading a book.

Now, let's to the point.
Arile has a secret, a BIG secret.

I'm talking mumbo-jumbo drink size's at the State Fair.

Behind the bookshelf in her room, is a secret passage-way.
Oh yeah, the whole Nancy Drew package right here.

Now in that secret room is
a big machine.

Not what you were expecting right?

Well guess what?
That machine is a time machine.


5. Chapter 5: Time Traveler?!

  🎵Arile's P.O.V🎵


That's what I've been seeing for the past hour. 

I am dead? 

Well, if I am.  I can finally answer the question I had all my life.

Or in this situation, ex-life. 

I shoot up taking big gasps of air.

"Finally you're awake." A hoarse voice fills the black silence. 

I scream and slide till I find a wall. 

My palms sting from the fast movement on the concrete, but I have bigger problems. 

I see a elderly woman, with dark grey hair.

"W-Who are you?" I say in a wobbly voice. 

She smiles but all I see is gums. 

She walks into the other side of black room, and flicks on a light switch. 

I blink a couple times to get used to the light. 

There's two grey chairs in the center of the floor, matching the elderly lady's hair. 

"Come on now, take a seat." She gestures and sits on one of the chairs. 

I slowly move to the other chair right beside her. 

"Now, you don't have to be on red alert." She senses my fear. 

"Ask away." 

Billions of questions pop into my head.

Not knowing which one to choose, I pick out the most basic question on planet Earth.

"Why exactly, I am here?" I hesitantly ask.

"Straight forward aren't we?" She sighs and chuckles with a raspy voice. 

Forcing out a smile and I nod my head vigorously. 

She pats my knee. 

"You want to know why you're here?" 

I sit up and listen intently. 

"You have a future written out for you." 

"Doesn't everyone?" Confused I furrow my brows. 

"Yes, everyone does, but unlike yours." She pauses for a second to take a deep breath. 
"-Their in different centuries." 

"Come again?" 

"Sweetie you're destined to be a time traveler."

"Ha ha, very funny." 
"Now tell me why I'm really here." I stand up and cross my arms. 

"Ah, you're taking it like I did when I was young." She lets out a loud and long sigh. 

"Listen lady, I want to go home." I say angered. 

She narrows her eyes.

"Then leave, but hear me out." 

"Tonight you will find out what I'm talking about, and you won't be able to leave." She spats. 

"Now go!" She points to the pitch black door. 


I sprint all the way home. 

Falling onto my bed I remember her words. 

"You will find out what I'm talking about and you won't be able to leave." 

I sigh and fall into deep sleep. 


sorry im hyped up


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