I'm good at saying goodbye

I took my chance to look up at the house one last time. And all I could think to myself was saying goodbye had never been so easy.


2. Change Of Plans


The music was loud. Loud enough that it was all that I could hear. Just the way that I liked it. In the dark of the room it almost seemed like the music was the only thing left in the world but me. Me and music. Music was all I need it life. All that I ever want in life. Music was my everything. I would never say goodbye to music.


A ringing sound replaced my music while the screen of my phone began to flash a brilliant white light. Sighing as a took my headphones out of my ears. I looked at the message flashing across my screen. "The time has changed to 6:30. I'll pick you up at 6. -H" 6:30? What? It originally was supposed to be at 7:30. That's a whole hour of prepping I had to make up for. I quickly looked at the time 4:47 "Shit" I exclaimed while jumping off of my bed. I only had a hour and a half at best to get ready.


I quickly ran too the bathroom to turn on the shower. While I was waiting for the water to warm I stripped myself of my clothes. Then began to tie my brown hair up into a knot at the top of my head. I quickly showered and toweled myself dry. I then ran into my room and put on a bra and some underwear. I then proceeded to rifle though my closet for something suitable to wear, finally deciding on a simple thigh length black lace dress with long sleeves, a red leather jacket, black sheer tights, red boots, with giant red pearl earrings and a long gold chained heart necklace thrown in for good measure.


I went back into the bathroom to finish my makeup. After putting the final swipe of mascara on my lashes I rubbed some matte red lipstick onto my lips to finish to finish the look. I then let my down my hair letting it fall around my shoulders. After looking at it I opted to let it do what it wanted. I looked down at my phone 5:53. Good. I have enough time to make me a drink before I have to go.


I hummed to myself as I worked around in the kitchen. I set out a kettle of water to boil over the stove. As the kettle began to whistle, I turned around to see a man standing way to close to me. "Ahhhh!" I yelled as I dropped the tea bag and mug I was holding. "Damnit Harry!" I swatted the man in the arm.


The man, Harry,  just sat there smiling at me, a twinkle in his green eyes. "It's all your fault Sarah, if you weren't so clumsy none of this would have happened." He bent down to start picking up the broken pieces of glass that littered the floor.


"Well If you didn't randomly sneak into my house and scare the living hell out of me then I wouldn't be dropping things. Darn...... " I sigh after a moment "That was my favorite mug." I gingerly picked up the handle of the broken mug and studied it carefully. 


"I'm sorry love, I'll buy you a new one first thing tomorrow." he said while trying to place a kiss on my forehead. Instantly I jerked back. I looked into his eyes and saw the a flash of hurt flow through his eyes. But it was quickly replaced by a neutral expression. I quickly cast my eyes down and stared hard at the mug. All I could thing was how much I wanted to feel his lips on my forehead, and not only my forehead. I wanted to feel them on my lips pressed hard and hungrily against  mine. I wanted to feel them leave fiery traces down my stomach. To leave scorch marks on my collar bone. But it was too soon. I wasn't ready to be committed to him. Not yet.


"Well we better start heading, I told the cabbie that we'd only be a few minutes, and I don't want to piss him off quite yet." Harry laugh throwing back his head of curly hair. "And besides if we don't leave soon, the Liam and Niall will order for use, and trust me, you do not want the to order for you."

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