I'm good at saying goodbye

I took my chance to look up at the house one last time. And all I could think to myself was saying goodbye had never been so easy.


4. A Meeting to Forget


"6:30 reservation for Styles" Harry says to the proper looking man at the front desk. The man looks both of us up and down, me in my black dress and red accents that my blush had begun to match, I was still gripping tightly onto Harry's hand. Harry sat there grinning ear from ear holding my hand equally tight. 

"Ahhh, yes, Styles..... The rest of your group is already here, follow Ashley to find your table." The man indicated to a short cheeky young girl in her mid-twenties with short curly blonde hair and bright red lips. 

"Hello Lovlies! My name's Ashley. I'll be your waiter tonight. If you'll just follow me up here to your table. We'll get you all settled in." She said as she led us up some stairs in to one of the side rooms. Inside the room there where 5 people sitting at the table. one women and four men. The women had long blonde hair that was tastefully up into a messy yet professional pony tail, she wore a short cap-sleave dress, that was the lightest shade of blue I had ever seen. Her green eyes looked me up and down approvingly. To the left of her with a lazy are draped across her was a man, his short brown hair stylishly swept back away from his face, his dark brown eyes lazily looked me and Harry up and down. Everything about him seemed lazy yet neat in its own way. Sitting on his left was another man, he had long brownish blonde hair that stuck up on the top of his head, he had an easy smile and welcoming eyes that greeted me warmly. Immediately next to hims was a man with Black hair that swooped up and to the side, he had earrings and several tattoo's up his arms, he seemed very mysterious and had a neutral expression and meet my eyes with a sudden splash of defiance. The last person was a happy looking boy with long shaggy brown hair. The way he jumped up when he saw us with a goofy grin on his face reminded me of Harry.

"Harry! You bastard! What took you so long?!" The boy said jokingly as he went to envelop Harry in a bear hug. Harry let go of my hand to return the hug and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness when he let go. 

"Loui! How are you doing?" Harry said after letting go of the boy.

"Better now that you are finally here and we can order our food." He said while play hitting Harry in the arm. His eyes came to rest on me. "Ahhh.... And this must be Sarah! I've heard so much about you." He went in for a hug. 

"Yes, I am. And you must be Harry's brother Louis." I said as he let me go.

"Please love, just call me Loui." he grabbed me by the waist and led me to the table sitting me on the other side of him as Harry took up the last seat next to me. I looked around the table and meet eyes with the blonde girl.

"Hello Sarah, I'm Ashton." She said as she reached her hand out to grasp mine. "I've heard so much about you!" she practically gushed. "But, Harry failed to mention how pretty you are!"

"Oh...." I said feeling embarrassed "Thank you." The lazy looking man next to her sat up and reached his own hand forward to grasp mine.

"Hello darling, I'm Liam, Ashton's fiance." he said in a much deeper voice then I would of thought he had. His hand was firm as he shook mine. As soon as he took his hand back it went right back to it's lazy spot around Ashton's shoulder. 

"That's Niall right there." Loui said as he pointed over to the blonde boy.

"'ello there." he said in a strong accent that I placed to be Irish. "I'm Harry's cousin, and this here is my boyfriend Zayn." he indicated to the dark haired boy to his left. 

"Hey" Zayn said. This time he smiled at me. The defiance in his eyes was replaced with something else. Annoyance? What would he have to be annoyed at me for?

"Well now that your finally here we can order" Niall said with a grin. "If you guys had taken much longer me and Liam would of ordered for you!" When Niall said that Harry fixed me with a "I told you so" look. I laughed and we all ordered our food. 

During the dinner everyones energies' where at a maximum. Some of them where working well together others where constantly crashing with anothers. As the night went on I learned more about the people that seemed to know so much about me, while I knew nothing about them. I knew that I should of asked Harry to tell me more about them, I felt like I didn't have anything to offer them up about me. If I had know more about them the playing ground would have at least been a bit more even.

Everyone was some how involved in Harry's life some how. Loui was obviously Harry's brother, Ashton was Harry's best friend growing up, while Liam, her fiancé, was in the grade above them, and happened to be Harry's neighbor growing up. Niall was Harry's cousin, while Zayn was in Harry's grade school until he moved to america for a few years. A few years latter Zayn headed back up to England and ran into Niall at a gay bar. They've been together ever since. While everybody seemed to be nice and like they where getting along with me quite well, Zayn was the only one who didn't seem like they liked me. Every time I tried to ask him questions his answers where curt and short. To me it seem like he didn't want to talk to me at all. 

After dessert we sat around and drank wine for a while talking and laughing at each others stories. "Well Its getting late and I have to head to work early tomorrow morning." Loui said as he stood up. "Sarah, it was so nice to finally meet you."  He bent down and placed a quick kiss on my cheek. "I'll see you all later." 

"It's probably about time we headed too Liam." Ashton said. 

"Your probably right, Sarah It was nice meeting you." Liam said as he stood up and helped Aston to her feet.

"Sarah we defiantly have to go out for coffee sometime together." Ashton winked at me while she and Liam left the room. I tuned to Harry who had started to stand also.

"Its probably about time I get you back to your flat also." He said as he grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. Naill and Zayn followed suit.

"Same here, It was lovely to meet you." Niall said as he kissed me on the cheek. Zayn just nodded at me. The four of us headed down the stairs and when we got the the bottom Niall said, "I need to go to the bathroom before we head Zayn." 

Harry turned to look at him. "I do too. I'll come with you." They turned to head towards the bathrooms. Harry quickly turned back to me and Zayn. "You to go on ahead and get some cabs for us okay?"

"Okay, see you in a little bit!" I said as me and Zayn headed out the front doors. "That was some dinner wasn't it?" I asked Zayn after we go out side.

"I've had better." He curtly replied to me.

"Okay." I said. I was feeling filled up on his smart ass bullshit at this point. The wine I had earlier made me feel braver then I actually was. "Whats your problem with me?" I asked while turning him around to face me.

"Whats my problem with you?" He spat into my face. "Oh God are you really asking me this?" He tilted his head back and laughed. "You really are a stupid bitch aren't you?"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"I know how you and Harry got together. We all do. But I'm the only one who seems to think that how you guys happened is wrong. Everyone else all thinks that your "Love Story" is tragically romantic. But its not. Its wrong and you know it."

"How we got together is none of your business. You weren't in my situation. You don't know everything."

"Yeah. I wasn't. But I do know that you snuck out of the middle of the night, leaving your boyfriend behind without a note or explanation. And I also know that this isn't the first time you've done something like this."

"Fuck off!" I yelled. My whole face burned. Everything he said was true. I had ran off, I left someone who cared deeply about me with out a second glance. But thats not what pisses me off. What pisses me off is that he knows. He knows that this isn't my first time leaving someone. But what he doesn't know is that this is the first time that its been hard for me to get with someone. He didn't know a thing about me and Harry. 

Zayn sat there at looked at me. And laughed. I wanted to hit him. I just about was going to. Until I head a voice. "Hey you two. What are you laughing at Zayn?" Harry said. He and Niall where standing behind us. 

"Oh nothing much. Sarah just said something funny thats all." Zayn replied like nothing had happened. That pissed me off more. But I didn't want to make a scene in front of Harry and Niall. I just wanted to go home and get really drunk and just forget about the conversation me and Zayn just had. 

"There's our cab. Lets go Harry." I said roughly. "Nice meeting you too." I said while getting into the car. 

"You to love!" Zayn said with a smirk. As Niall waved goodbye to us. God I hate him so much I thought to myself as the cab sped a way.

"Harry dear, let's stop by Striped Vision on our way home." I said while referring to our local liquor store. "I'm ready to drink tell I can't see straight anymore."

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