I'm good at saying goodbye

I took my chance to look up at the house one last time. And all I could think to myself was saying goodbye had never been so easy.


6. A Hangover Doesn't Let You Forget

Blinding lights pierced through my eyelids. My head was a throbbing pain, I didn't want to deal with this right now. I roll over to my side without opening my eyes. Praying that I can fall asleep and wake up when my hangover isn't as rough. I was hanging right on the edge of sleep. Getting ready to jump into the dark abyss of sweet nothingness that sleep brings when I hear a noise. A large crash. Instantly my head snap up with my eyes fly open. Someone is in my house. My heart beat quickens as I quickly sit up. "Owww" I mummer as I absently rubbed at my temples, the person in my kitchen momentarily forgotten. My damned hangover.... I had forgotten about it. I heard someone whistling in my kitchen which promptly reminded me what I was doing before I got distracted. I carefully slip out of my bed and tiptoed to the half open door. I carefully sipped out the door and continued down the hallway towards the sounds in the kitchen. The whistling had gotten louder making my head pound harder. I stood right out side the entry way to the kitchen, trying to calm my breath. After taking a big breath I turned the corner half expecting a giant man there with a knife. Only to see the back of a messy curly head. "Harry?" I was confused.

"Oh hello Love!" He said while turning around flashing his irresistible cheeky smile at me. "I was just making some breakfast." He lifted up the pan of bacon he was frying

"Why?" I asked a bit suspicious. Why would he be making breakfast? And most importantly why was he here?

"Well, I figured you would be a bit hungry after last night" He winked

Last night? Oh shit....... I quickly masked my face in a neutral expression while I quickly flicked through my memories of last night.  Last night was a blur of alcohol and drugs. I remember the feel of Harry's lips all over me. His tongue on my neck among other.....Places. Harry's soft moans, My lips on his, my body on fire. Me moaning his name. Shit. None of that should of ever happened. I got drunk and stupid. Again. This was bad. I should of done any of this. I should of done it with Harry. I promised myself that me and Harry would take baby steps. But what happened last night wasn't a baby step. It was a leap. I don't want to hurt him and tell him that I don't remember last night. I have already done that. But I can't tell him the truth. Because then I would be forcing myself into something I wasn't ready for. And I would be dragging Harry down with me. 

"Sarah?" Harry asked.

"Sorry, I have a terrible headache from all I drank last night."I said while smiling. "I can't even remember last night. What happened?" I lied right to his face. Again.

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