Just A Typical Girl

Anna is just a quiet girl that just sits in the back away from everyone, until she gets invited to a party and meets someone who will change everything.


2. Two

          I woke to my phone ringing in my ear. "Hello?" I said in a scratchy voice. "Morning Anna." "Who is this?" "Kay..." "Oh sorry...I just woke up." "I can tell." He chuckled and so did I. "Anyway Anna, my mother and sister and I are going out for breakfast and I wanted to see if you wanted to go?" I stretched out of bed. "Yea sure...I just need to get ready." "Alright...Well I could always just come over there now and then we'll just meet them there, once you're done." "Okay that sounds good to me, I'll let my dad or mom know that you are coming over..." "Okay, well I'll see you in a little bit." We said bye then hung up. I put my almost dead phone on the charger and then walked to the living room. "Morning Anna." My dad said as he looked up at me. "Hey dad, Kay is coming over soon, and could you please let him in when he knocks." "Sure thing...So you two hanging today?" "Yea..." "That'll be fun." He smiled. I shook my head yes and then went into the bathroom to start the shower. I took off my clothes and stepped in the hot shower. I let cotton candy pink hair soak in water. As the water dribbled down my white body I thought about Jacob. Why would he message me? Does he like me or something? And one question I kept asking myself was, who is this guy that I am suppose to meet tonight at his party? So many questions ran through my head as I showered.

         As I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my body and picked up my dirty clothes and walked into my room. I walked in and Kay was sitting on my bed. "Sorry I'll let you change." "Thanks." He walked and I closed and locked my door. I pulled out a pair of black leggings, dark red tang-top with a black and dark red plaid sweater. I combed out my pink hair and let dry in it's natural wavy curls. I put some black massacre and  eyeliner on then, walked out with my black vans in my hand. I walked out to the living room and sat on the couch to put my vans on. Kay stood outside with my dad (probably talking about boring football stuff). I stood up from the couch and walked outside. Kay looked at me as my dad turned around. "Do I need money Kay?" "No, don't worry about that." "Okay." "Well Mr.Wesley me and your daughter should get goin. Nice talking with you." Kay looked extremely cute today. His black hair was spiked up and he was wearing black pants with a nice looking light blue sweater that brought out his sky blue eyes. "Well you two have fun." My dad smiled and went inside. "Oh I forgot my phone." Kay chuckled and said "Don't worry I grabbed it when I was in there, it's in my car charging on the charger. " He smiled. I smiled back. "Thanks Kay." We got into Kay's car and then took off. 

          We pulled into the parking lot of Perkins and got out of the car. Kay and I walked in and went to go look for Emily and his little sister Sarah. They were siting in a booth next to a window. Kay sat down next to his mom and sat next to Sarah. "I hope you like coffee Anna." Emily said as she sipped coffee out of the white mug. "Mom this girl love's her coffee." Kay looked at me. I sat there and just smiled awkwardly. "Anna guess what." Sarah said while poking me in my arm. I guess poking people in the arm to get their attention is a thing with this family. "What?" "My birthday is next week." "Awesome, how old are you going to be?" "Eight." "Wow...so got any ideas on what you want to do?" "Yea, I want to invite my friends over and have them spend the night....I think that would be cool." She smiled. "That would be cool." "Yea, and I want invite you." "And why's that?" "Because you're an awesome girl." "Awe, well thank you." I smiled at her and smiled back at me. The waiter came. "Hi I'm Jacob and I'll be serving ya'll. I looked up to see not Jacob Lens, the guy was the complete opposite of him. "Let's start off with the drinks...."

         After breakfast Kay took me home. He walked in the house and into my room with me. "So I've meaning to tell you this." He paused to look at me. "But you look really cute today." Kay blushed a little and so did I. "Thanks Kay, You look very cute yourself today too." I smiled at him and he smiled back and said thanks. "So I'm just going to chill here with you for a little while." "Okay." I looked down at my phone. I had one miss call from Violet. "Have to call Violet." "Okay." He sat on my bed looking through my sketch book. I called her back and she picked up after the 1 ring. "Hey, you called?" "Yea, I was just wondering if my boyfriend could come with us?" "Um, not sure I'll ask and text you." "Okie Dokie." She hung up and so did I. I sat down next to Kay and opened up my laptop. I went on Facebook. I had one new message. 

Jacob: Good morning Anna Wesley

Me: Good morning 

He replied quickly.

Jacob: You didn't say my full name?

Me: No, but I have a question

Jacob:I love questions...Ask

Me: Can my cousin Violet's boyfriend come to the party?

Jacob: Sure thing sweet cheeks 

I rolled my eyes at the computer screen

Me: ...

Jacob: Come on...

Me: Where are we going?

Jacob: Where ever you want babe (;

Me: Oh. My.

Jacob: Shit...

Me: What?

Jacob: Its Tess -_- Kill me....

Me: Well shoot.

Jacob didn't reply after that, so I just closed out of Facebook. Kay was on is phone texting someone. I poked him on his shoulder. He looked up at me. I smiled. "Do you want to do anything?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "So no?" "Well what is there to do?" "Well we could always go back to my mom's and chill there, maybe play a game or watch a movie." "Well I have that stuff here." "True..." "You can go if you want to Kay." "Yea, I think I am...but I'll see you later, okay..." "Okay." I walked Kay out the door and went back to my room. I heard my phone buzz. I looked at my phone and it was Violet. 

Violet: Me and James broke up :,( </3

Me: What happen?!

Violet: I don't know...He said that it's just not working out

Me: Oh My...I'm sorry Violet, maybe he'll change his mind

Violet: 2 years of my life wasted on a guy I thought that loved me...I'll see you later

Me:Cheer up...


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