Just A Typical Girl

Anna is just a quiet girl that just sits in the back away from everyone, until she gets invited to a party and meets someone who will change everything.


3. Three


 I started to get ready for Jacob's party around 6pm. I kept my hair curly and just put a black beanie on and then changed my clothes. I put on a Navy blue dress that went down by knees, and I wore black stocking underneath the dress. I redid my makeup so it looked fresh. I went on Facebook to waist some time before Kay showed up with Violet. 

Jacob: Hey

Me: Hello...

Jacob replied pretty quickly.

Jacob: So are you ready to party?!

Me: Is Tess going to be there?

Jacob: Yes, she's my girlfriend

I chuckled to myself.

Me: Great...-_- 

Jacob: What? You don't like her?

Me: I'm sure you wouldn't like someone that calls you a freak, ugly, emo...Yeah I'm sure you wouldn't like that 

Jacob: No I wouldn't, I'll try to keep her away from you...Well I got to go, be at the party by 8

Me: Okay

              Kay showed up at my house by 8 with Violet and James. I opened the door as Kay knocked. "I thought you two were broken up?" I asked Violet as they all came in the warm house. "I have to pee." Kay said as he rushed by me. I closed the front door behind Violet and James. "We had a long talk." James said. "That's good." I smiled at them both. "I have to get my shoes on so you two can just come to the living room.”Okay." Violet said. We walked to the living room. I sat down on the couch and put on my black vans with pink roses on them on. "Do these look okay with this dress?" I asked Violet. "Yea they look fine." I grabbed my black sweater as Kay came out of the bathroom and said "Well y'all ready?" "Yup" James said. 

             We got to the party and 8:30. Kay parked pretty close to the house, which was pretty much a mansion, well to my house. I and Kay walked in the house behind James and Violet. They split up from me and Kay. I looked around and saw a lot of people from school, and from my old High school I went to. "Kay!" I turned and saw a couple of Kay's buddies from baseball come up to him. "Hey man!" Kay said. The music was really loud, so loud that we all had to scream just to say hello to each other. "Hey Anna do you mind if I chill with them?" Kay shouted. "No..." Kay smiled and side hugged me bye. I didn't see anyone that I knew personally to talk to, so I just walked out back to this gigantic pool. Nobody was outside because it was freezing, which it was. I sat down and swirled a stick in the blue freezing water. I heard the door open but I didn't look up. "Anna?" I looked about. "Jacob Lens." "Anna Wesley." We both smiled at each other then he winked. "Don't wink at me you weirdo." I said with a bright smile on my face. "I love seeing you smile. He sat down next to me. "You know I was kidding about me and Tess dating." "Oh really?" "Yea, I'm dead serious, she's dating Evan." "Evan Mathews?" "Yea." "Ew..." I mumbled. Jacob chuckled."So you said you had someone for me to meet?" "Yea let me go get him." "Okay." Jacob went inside.

            He brought out a guy, he was super hot, and I know normally don't say that about guys, but he was probably the definition of hot...well to me that is....."This is Anna." Jacob said while pointing at me. "Hello Anna." The hot guy said with his white smile. "Hi." I said with a shaky voice. "I'm Marcus by the way." "Well nice to meet you Marcus." "Please call me Marc." "Okay." "Well you two get to know each other I have party to run." Jacob said. Jacob went inside and I and Marc sat at one of the outside tables. "Aren't you freezing?" He asked. "No not at all." I lied I was actually freezing. "Are you lying? Because you look like your freezing." "I'm fine I swear." Marc chuckled. "Here take my jacket." "But I'm fine." "No...I know a freezing girl when I see one." "Okay, thanks." I put his warm cozy jacket on. "Better?" "Yeah a lot better." We both chuckled. "So tell me about yourself Anna." "Well if you can't tell I'm kind of like a goth kid, I listen to a lot of rock music, I draw, paint, read, write, and I do photography...I'm not that fun of a person really, I mean I'm a going out person, I'm just boring to talk to." "Well you aren't boring me, but it's cool that you can draw and do artsy stuff like that, I listen to rock also but I listen to more of the newest music now." "Yeah....well why don't you tell me about you now...." "Alright, well my parents mostly my dad is rich, so come from a wealthy family, but besides that I work at a little surf shop, I surf, skate, and travel a lot, but I like to travel so it doesn't really bother me. I don't really have an artistic said in me...the best I can do is stick figures and that's it. I've actually took some art classes but I failed every one of them." "You seem like a very interesting person Marc." "Well thank you Anna." We both smiled at each other, and talked about my art and his surfing career, and that was the end of the night for us.

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